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NBCU, Nielsen Launch ‘Fusion’ Sales Metrics

NBC Universal, working with the Nielsen Co., has created a new set of sales metrics to help advertisers target ad messages to users of their product, rather than the traditional demographic targets, the companies said.

The companies said they are creating a “fusion” product using Nielsen’s TV ratings, VideoCensus data measuring streaming video and databases on consumer behavior.

In addition to targeting advertising, the fusion product can better evaluate the return on investment in advertising.

“By combining the power of Nielsen’s unique research capabilities with the insight of a significant media client like NBC Universal, we can help develop a new metric, which will ultimately benefit all of Nielsen’s customers,” said Jon Mandel, CEO of NielsenConnect.

“Our ultimate objective is to make our sales and marketing partners as effective as possible in using the various platforms which NBC Universal offers,” said Alan Wurtzel, president of research for NBC Universal. “In this case, the development of the fusion metrics will enable us to more accurately pair NBC Universal’s unique media properties with high-value consumers for our advertisers.“