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Hot List: Lindsay Campbell

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When Web host Lindsay Campbell was arrested in April following an organized protest over the Sean Bell verdict in New York, her actions raised the question of whether she is a citizen, a journalist or a citizen journalist.

Sure, she’s on-air with a microphone asking questions as host of popular Web series “” That makes her seem like a journalist. But she shares her opinions. That makes her seem like a citizen journalist. She’s an actress, too. That makes her seem like something else altogether.

But it may not matter what she is called, because the fact that Ms. Campbell eschews any clear-cut definitions is part of the allure of what she does. She is challenging the establishment to reconsider what it means to be a journalist in this modern era of Web video, which may be her TV legacy.

“If being a journalist means muting my opinion, then I am not interested in being a journalist, and if being a journalist means not being a person I’m not interested,” she said. “But people I admire as journalists are very much human beings first, like Lara Logan and Christiane Amanpour.”

In six-day-a-week news show “,” owned by CBS Interactive, Ms. Campbell covers news that isn’t getting covered and obtains the perspective of people on the street.

She made her mark first as the original host of the highly successful Web show “Wallstrip” and then stepped back to develop “Moblogic.” The new show premiered in March and is generating between 800,000 and 1 million unique views per month, Ms. Campbell said.

“I see her as an incredible talent,” said Mike Hudack, CEO of, one of Moblogic’s primary distribution outlets. “She connects with people through the video and in person, and she understands the medium. She can do Web video well, and it is rare to find someone truly good on the Web.”

CBS Interactive looks on “Moblogic” and “Wallstrip” as incubators for new forms of online advertising. CBS purchased “Wallstrip” last year and aligned with the producers behind the show, who went on to create “Moblogic” for CBS.

CBS sold ads in “Moblogic” to Saturn earlier this year and is exploring additional ad opportunities for the show, said Anthony Soohoo, CBS Interactive senior VP/general manager of entertainment. “We are talking to advertisers about how to weave products into the overall show, testing out new ways of doing pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll,” he said, which “we could then translate to the rest of CBS Interactive and the CBS audience network.”

For now, Ms. Campbell remains focused on “Moblogic.” “What people choose to share on the Web is extremely democratic and unpredictable, and that is sort of the beauty and magic of the Internet,” she said.