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Hulu Users Happy With Site and Tech-Savvy but Not Numerous

Despite a high-profile in the media business, only 15% of online Americans have even heard of, the NBC-Fox online video venture. But those who have used the site like it a lot. That’s the conclusion of a recent study from Solutions Research Group obtained exclusively by TelevisionWeek.

Hulu users say they like the ability to search and find both old episodes of TV shows and recent ones they missed. Hulu visitors also like that the shows are free and that the service operates as something of an online digital video recorder.

Their only complaint is that the site offers only the most recent episodes of certain shows.

The average age of a Hulu user is 32, 10 years younger than the average online American. Also, two-thirds of Hulu users are male. Solutions Research Group said 51% of users are between 12 and 29, and their average income is 22% higher than the U.S. average.

Hulu users are more likely to own laptops, smart phones and video-capable MP3 players than the average online American.

About 39% of Hulu users said they “frequently paid attention to ads seen online.”