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'LonelyGirl15' Guys Prep Next Web Effort

The creators of Web series “LonelyGirl15” plan to release the next spin-off of the pioneering online serial on Sept. 20, employing a programming schedule that imitates traditional television.

The new Web show, “LG15: The Resistance,” will debut a six-minute episode every Saturday for 12 weeks, similar to a TV weekly show. That’s because daily viewing demands a lot of Internet audiences, while weekly viewing is more manageable for many fans, said Greg Goodfried, one of the creators of the show (along with Miles Beckett).

“What we found was for a passive audience and a broader audience it was harder to follow daily content. This will be a three-month season with a new episode each week,” Mr. Beckett said in an interview with TVWeek.

They produce the show through EQAL, their Web production firm. This spring EQAL struck a partnership with CBS Interactive and landed $5 million in venture funding in a round led by Spark Capital, giving EQAL resources most of their Web-video competition lacks. “LG15: The Resistance” will debut on Hulu, MySpaceTV, imeem, Veoh and YouTube, with all of those partners guaranteeing promotion and marketing space on their sites, the creators said.

Advertisers will be integrated into the show but Mr. Goodfried and Beckett declined to name them.

“The Resistance” will share some of the characters from the earlier shows in the “LG15” series, “LonelyGirl15” and United Kingdom-based “KateModern,” both of which ended their runs this summer.

For fans who have grown accustomed to daily content in the “LG15” series, “The Resistance” will release short videos, text blogs and photos every day. The show’s site will also include interactive elements, such as puzzles. Fans can also create their own profile pages and participate in chats with characters from the show.

The two seasons of “KateModern” generated 50 million views while “LonelyGirl15” lured 120 million during its run.

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