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CBS Goes All Out on ‘Gary,’ Adds to ‘Worst Week’ Order

CBS is giving a thumbs-up to first-year comedies “Gary Unmarried” and “Worst Week.”

The network Friday ordered a full season of “Gary” and three additional episodes of “Worst Week.” Both moves had been expected.

In the case of “Gary,” CBS has slightly redefined the traditional meaning of “full season.” The phrase usually refers to 22 episodes, generally divided between an initial 13-episode order and the so-called “back nine.” CBS has greenlit production on seven episodes of “Gary,” but has ordered two extra scripts, for a total of nine potential episodes.

As for “Week,” while the network likes the Monday night comedy, the show has performed modestly this fall. CBS also needs to make room for the return of “Rules of Engagement,” which is likely the main reason the network didn’t order even more episodes of “Worst Week.” Nonetheless, the order means “Worst Week” remains in contention for CBS’ 2009-10 schedule.

CBS is waiting until next week to decide the fate of new drama “Eleventh Hour.” Given its consistent ratings performance, however, the show is expected to get an order for more episodes.

“Gary Unmarried” is a co-production of CBS Paramount Network Television and ABC Studios. “Worst Week” is from CBS Paramount and Universal Media Studios.