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Boxee in Deals With Blip, iPhone

Less than one month after Hulu pulled its content from the web-to-TV service, Boxee has started fighting back with a pair of new deals for content and distribution.


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At the South by Southwest Interactive Festival, Boxee announced that it’s now offering 20 to 30 shows from online video service on Boxee, including shows like “Casanovas” and “Epic Fu.” While not replacements for the TV network content that Hulu’s lineup had brought to Boxee, the deal signals that Boxee plans to seek new paths toward its goal of becoming a viable over-the-top cable alternative.

For, Boxee represents yet another route to the consumer and adds to blip’s existing distribution partners like AOL, MSN and iTunes, said Mike Hudack, CEO of

In addition to the deal, Boxee also launched its iPhone app, providing another point of entry to the Boxee service.