May 17, 2009


Chenbot Alert! 'Big Brother' Back July 9

Julie Chen

"Big Brother" fans, mark your calendars: The madness begins again Thursday, July 9.

That's the date CBS has set for the 11th season premiere of summer's longest-running reality tradition. The network isn't talking, but two people familiar with the matter confirmed the scheduling.

What's not certain is whether CBS also plans to continue the show's recent Thursday-Sunday-Tuesday air pattern. It might want to wait until its fall schedule is finalized, since CBS likes to move existing shows into their new fall timeslots over the summer, letting "Brother" fill in the holes left by dead or relocated shows.

One caveat: If CBS makes any radical schedule changes Wednesday, it's possible the July 9 premiere date could change. But it's not likely.

Let the countdown begin.

(Full disclosure: I originally posted the date as Thursday, July 7. Which might be true … on a year when July 7 is a Thursday, not a Tuesday. The dangers of late-night blogging, example 283…).


Will there be a new host since Julie is pregnant with child?

I read that Julie Chen will still host. If she needs any help or time off I think they should bring former BB star Kaysar Ridha on as a cohost. He was great and the show has never been as good without him.

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