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TVWeek’s Media Buyer of the Year 2019

  Dave Campanelli, Executive Vice President, Co-Chief Investment Officer, Horizon Media Let’s begin this 19th edition of our Media Buyer of the Year with some pearls of wisdom from Warren Buffett. Speaking about what traits to look for in somebody…

Media Buyer of the Year 2015

It’s been quite a week for Kris Magel. Today we are pleased to announce that we’ve chosen Kris as our 2015 Media Buyer of the Year. On Tuesday Kris was promoted to President of media agency Initiative USA, where he had…


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Matt Blank: The Master of Showtime

Matt Blank first joined Showtime 25 years ago, in 1988. He came to Showtime from HBO, where he had been senior vice president of consumer marketing. In 1991 he became Showtime’s president and chief operating officer, followed by president and…

Media Buyer Of the Year: Chris Geraci

When Chris Geraci began working at BBDO 26 years ago, “The Cosby Show” ruled the ratings, and a young character on TV named Vinnie Terranova, played by wise guy Ken Wahl, was the talk of the town.  Remarkably, Geraci is still with…

The New Digital Channels Being Broadcast by Your Local Stations Could Be TV’s New Wasteland

Do you watch any of the new local digital channels? No, neither do I. Welcome to television’s new wasteland of local digital multicasting. Now there are seven zillion more channels and still the same complaint, “all these channels and nothing…