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Feb 26, 2001  •  Post A Comment

More copycats of MTV’s `Jackass’
New york-MTV’s controversial show “Jackass” has spawned two more copycat events in Florida and Wisconsin, according to officials.
In Florida, a group of teen-agers recently set a teen on fire while taping the event, a stunt that had been performed on “Jackass.” The tape was sent to the office of Sen. Joseph Lieberman, D-Conn. It’s the second time a teen has imitated the “Jackass” burning stunt: A Connecticut teen was badly burned last month after setting himself on fire with lighter fluid.
In Fond du Lac, Wis., this month, a teen-ager broke the arm of a Taco Bell employee while trying to steal a food order at the restaurant’s drive-through window. The same stunt had been performed by “Jackass” host Johnny Knoxville this season, and police said the teen in his statement indicated he got the idea for the drive-through assault from “Jackass.”
MTV officials declined to comment on the recent incidents.
Liberty Media expands international reach
New york-John Malone’s Liberty Media Corp. will acquire the remaining cable assets of Germany’s Deutsche Telekom that it doesn’t already own. In partnership with Klesch & Co. Ltd., Liberty will acquire 55 percent of the outstanding equity interests in a number of Deutsche Telekom’s regional cable systems, serving 10 million homes.
The value of the deal, expected to close by mid-2001, was not immediately disclosed. Liberty also announced Friday that it will acquire up to 100,000 shares of Series E participating convertible preferred stock from UnitedGlobalCom for $1.4 billion in cash at an issue price of $25.87 per common share. This is an amendment to Liberty’s agreement in June to acquire 54.1 million shares of United Class B common stock.