At Press Time

Feb 19, 2001  •  Post A Comment

A lot of nothing for Fox
Los Angeles–Fifteen Fox-owned television stations have picked up Columbia TriStar Television Distribution’s newly offered second run of the off-net comedy series “Seinfeld,” starting in the fall.
The Fox stations that will be airing a double daily dose of “Seinfeld” are WNYW-TV, New York; WFLD-TV Chicago; WTXF-TV, Philadelphia; WFXT-TV, Boston; KDFW-TV, Dallas; WTTG-TV, Washington; WJBK-TV, Detroit; KSAZ-TV, Phoenix; KDVR-TV, Denver; KTVI-TV, St. Louis; WITI-TV, Milwaukee; KSTU-TV, Salt Lake City; WBRC-TV, Birmingham, Ala.; WGHP-TV, Greensboro, N.C.; and KTBC-TV/KVC-TV, Austin, Texas.
`Safe harbor’ sought
Washington–Sen. Ernest Hollings, D-S.C., and Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, were among a bipartisan group of lawmakers who introduced legislation last week that could create a so-called “safe harbor” for television to shelter kids from shows with gratuitous violence. The bill requires the Federal Communications Commission to study whether the v-chip and the TV ratings system are protecting youngsters from unsavory images. If not, the FCC would establish a safe harbor for family viewing, with violent programs relegated to late-night hours. The bill is similar to measures Sen. Hollings has offered in recent years that failed to pass Congress. Broadcasters and even some lawmakers have long opposed a safe harbor on First Amendment grounds. Sen. Hollings, noting that a safe harbor exists for indecency on broadcast TV, is convinced his bill passes constitutional muster.
“Research to date justifies sustained efforts to curb the adverse effects of media violence on youth,” Sen. Hollings said Feb. 15. “How many violent acts have to be committed, how much vandalism, destruction, injury and death has to occur, before we act here in Congress?”