Quick Takes: If `Survivor I’ producers manipulated the votes, as contestant Stacey alleges, should it matter to viewers?

Feb 19, 2001  •  Post A Comment

“At least at the present time, I don’t think the allegations have any significant effect on the viewing audience. You know how it is in America-you can sue anybody for anything you want. What may well be the case here [is] this is just somebody who got angry because she was cut.”
Rich Hamilton, president/CEO, Zenith Media Services, New York
“There are laws requiring that game shows be fair, so it would surprise me if [they] manipulated [`Survivor’] for entertainment. It didn’t happen on `Big Brother’ because if the producers wanted to keep the most interesting houseguests, I would have never made it to the end [laughs].”
Curtis Kin, attorney, former “Big Brother” contestant
“Viewers should be wary of everything they see on TV-and not just on reality shows. I’m not sure this is any different than Regis Philbin trying to coax an answer out of a contestant. There’s all kinds of manipulation in this show-that’s [why it’s] not a documentary.”
Phil Rosenthal, TV critic, Chicago Sun-Times