Quick Takes

Feb 26, 2001  •  Post A Comment

“Even though Chairman Powell has expressed sympathy for lifting ownership rules, including the cap, I hope and expect that he’ll take a hard look at the record. If he does, I’m sure it will remain in place.”
Andrew Schwartzman, president/CEO, Media Access Project
“The Powell appointment is very positive for broadcasters, and I think the cap will be increased. The question of whether it should be increased depends … on who you are. But no matter how big you get … you must stay focused on your local market.”
Thomas J. Shannon, VP/TV ops., Equity Broadcasting Corp., Little Rock, Ark.
“I think he’ll try to lift the cap, but he should be careful about what he wishes for. The last time Republicans deregulated, they created an onslaught of sleazy programming they’ve been complaining about ever since.”
Robert Lichter, president, Center for Media and Public Affairs