LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: No AOL-exclusive agenda at SpinTV

Mar 12, 2001  •  Post A Comment

“AOL TV playing hardball” (EM, Feb. 19) was published with inaccurate information. Although substantively correct in transcribing my comments, your reporter contextually mislead and misappropriated my comments to suggest an agenda that I did not imply. Additionally, the reporter ignored specific comments and facts that would have given the article much greater contextual accuracy, and he did not represent SpinTV in an appropriate manner.
In fact, SpinTV is working with companies within AOL TW offering supporting business models around their content for multiple platforms, including Microsoft TV.
It was never spoken of that Nickelodeon, under a proposed agreement, had been told by SpinTV or AOL TV to choose between an agreement with AOL TV and one with Microsoft TV.#
Brian Lillig