Mar 12, 2001  •  Post A Comment

AOL TV wants to work with everybody
Andrew Robins chose to ignore AOL’s comments and information in filing his Feb. 19 article “AOL TV playing hardball: Interactive content exclusivity demands rile Hollywood.” As a result, Mr. Robins’ article was wrong on several issues. AOL TV is in the business of trying to grow and support interactive television and develop products and services that will benefit a wide range of consumers. It is not our policy nor our intention to seek exclusive relationships with content providers for AOL TV.
We have long said this publicly, and we thought we had made this very clear with Mr. Robins. We specifically chose an open platform for AOL TV to encourage broadcasters to create and publish their own interactive features to complement their television programming. We want to work with every single broadcaster across the dial to ensure that consumers can enjoy the full benefits and convenience that interactive television can bring.
Carlos Silva
Vice president,
Alex J. Blum
VP, business development,