Mar 5, 2001  •  Post A Comment

Debate is over
on DTV standard
Your lead story, “Sinclair: Something rotten in digital test” (Electronic Media, Feb. 12), was at best unfortunate and at worst highly misleading. The article tilts shamelessly toward fringe players at the expense of journalistic balance, sound analysis and fundamental fairness.
In fact, the story conveniently glosses over the fact that the boards of the National Association of Broadcasters and the Association for Maximum Service Television recently voted overwhelmingly to reaffirm broadcast industry support for the FCC’s 8VSB modulation standard, thereby soundly rejecting the alternative approach. For its part, the FCC subsequently underscored its long-standing endorsement of 8VSB and indicated that it has absolutely no intention of revisiting this issue.
By focusing almost exclusively on the shrill griping of a shrinking minority, your story misses the larger, more newsworthy point-that the nation’s broadcasters have signaled to all but the most obtuse that the standard debate is over and it’s time to get on with the DTV transition. Meanwhile, manufacturers continue to introduce a wide variety of digital television products at a broad array of price points.
Michael Petricone
VP, technology policy,
Consumer Electronics Association