Product Spotlight: Bluetooth Local Infotainment Point (BLIP)

Mar 12, 2001  •  Post A Comment

What it is: A palm-sized, location-oriented service device that lets users get information in a BLIP-equipped area. Users do this using their cellular phones, personal digital assistants or other mobile devices. For example, if shoppers passing a store window want to know more about an item or advertised opportunity, they can “blip” in and download discount coupons to their mobile devices, watch a video presentation or get additional text information. BLIP is slated to be launched globally this year.
Provider: Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson, a Swedish company, owns the BLIP brand name. The product was developed by Ericsson Business Innovation AB, a division formed in July by Ericsson to develop new business ideas.
Details: Touted as the device that will “bring the Internet to the street,” this middleman device transfers information sought by the user to and from advertising panels in the BLIP via the Bluetooth technology standard, which uses short-range radio signals. (Bluetooth was kick-started by Ericsson, IBM, Intel, Nokia and Toshiba about three years ago.) These signals can support transfer speeds of up to 720 kilobits per second.
BLIP is equipped with the Linux operating system, Ericsson’s Bluetooth host and a WAP (wireless application protocol) stack.