Profile: Mike Yorick

Mar 12, 2001  •  Post A Comment

Title: Vice president of emerging businesses for USA Cable. In this new position, Mr. Yorick is responsible for overseeing the growth of USA Interactive Entertainment’s Web properties, the development of interactive television programming and the exploration of international programming services.
Background: Before joining USA Cable in January, Mr. Yorick was European managing director for A&E Television Networks in London, where he was responsible for developing joint ventures to establish the “Biography” and The History Channel brands throughout Europe.
TV and Web connection: “We’re certainly developing [our Web sites] much more closely with the channel because we’re looking to convergence down the road. … You can’t launch one without the other these days. You’ve got to launch them separately and then figure out how you’re going to integrate them as the technology allows you to pull that together.”
Sci-fi focused: “We’re trying to make ourselves the sci-fi leader on the Web. We’re putting together a sci-fi Web guide (on SCIFI.com)–the best of the best online for the sci-fi genre. We’re trying to develop those information-based resources on the Web that we’ve found are really successful and I think everyone’s found is very successful. We’ve always had the information, but we’ve been a little less strategic about it and focused a lot on the entertainment. Now we’re trying to bring that into balance.”
USA and ITV: “We are looking to really get ourselves up to speed with interactive television and really develop that space for us. There’s not a lot of distribution on interactive television right now; the boxes aren’t out there. … We’re just trying to keep abreast of the technology and be plugged in so that as things do get established, we’re right there on the front line.”