Quick Takes: Should local stations put greater emphasis on editorials?

Mar 26, 2001  •  Post A Comment

“We’ve tackled … hate crimes, elder abuse, holiday rip-offs, [etc.]. When we [editorialized on] summer youth curfew laws … we got 600 to 700 kids off the streets into some [youth] programs. I can’t speak for the other television stations, [but] it works for us.”

Don Corsini, general manager, KCAL-TV (Ind.), Los Angeles

“The days of TV editorials as a programming staple are probably over. But when a significant issue arises in your community, it’s a great tool to have in your pocket, and we’ve used it. I’d even argue that the rarity makes it more effective.”

Marcellus Alexander, general manager, KYW-TV (CBS), Philadelphia

“We see editorial comment … as part of our broad public service responsibility. Just as with a newspaper, our viewers may not always agree with our opinion, but our editorial board hopes to give them something to consider.”

Joseph Heston, general manager, KSBW-TV (NBC), Salinas, Calif.