Quick Takes: What does the XFL need to do to boost its ratings?

Mar 12, 2001  •  Post A Comment

“My early-on prediction was the best chance for the XFL was to be closer to wrestling than to football. At this point, their Web site didn’t deliver, and the people aren’t going to come back. It’s too late.”
Tom McGovern, director of sports marketing, OMD USA
“It’s inevitable that they’re going to leave prime time and go to weekend afternoon. They need to simply enhance the quality of football. If it’s going to run on the networks, it’s got to be better-quality football. All the promotional gags aren’t working.”
John Lazarus, senior vice president, TN Media
“I don’t think the XFL is particularly infatuated with ratings. To them, it’s a long-term process involving huge egos that fight to make it succeed with the young male audience. This crap will probably stick just like WWF.”
Tom Hoffarth, sports media critic, Daily News, Los Angeles