Quick Takes: What’s the best thing you’ve added to your newscasts in the last year?

Mar 5, 2001  •  Post A Comment

“The talented new people that have been added to the anchor desk … In addition, at 6:45 [a.m.] we do something called `Commuter Cast.’ We do a tight summary of everything we’ve covered, so that people on their way out the door get a quick version.”
Ed Goldman, general manager, WBZ-TV (CBS), Boston
“One thing … that we’ve been most proud of is a segment called `The Fleecing of Alabama’ –which is based on the `[NBC] Nightly News’ segment `The Fleecing of America’–where we try to expose consumer fraud and government waste on a local level.”
Willie Chriesman, news director, WVTM-TV (NBC), Birmingham, Ala.
“Unit 13 [which] provides daily, promotable, long-form enterprise and investigative stories. `Futurecast’ is a weather report that only looks forward. City highs/lows and current temperatures are chyroned along the bottom and side of the screen.”
Larry Perret, news director, KCOP-TV (UPN), Los Angeles