At a glance: Knight Trading Group Inc.

Apr 9, 2001  •  Post A Comment

2000 revenues: $1.26 billion 1999: $896.6 million
2000 earnings: 259.9 million 1999: $211.3 million
52-week high: $47.13 52-week low: $10.63
P/e: 6.78 Price/book: 2.21 Market cap: $1.72 billion
The leading Nasdaq market maker (ticker symbol NITE) has made its bed with the volatile tech index, and it’s being put to sleep with it. The Jersey City, N.J., firm forecast lower-than-expected first-quarter profits Wednesday, and its shares still rose for the day. The next day, the Nasdaq was up 8.9%, and NITE rose more than 14%. On Friday, the Nasdaq fell 3%, and the stock was off 4.5%. Don’t let the bedbugs bite.