Profile: David Limp

Apr 9, 2001  •  Post A Comment

Title: Executive vice president and chief strategy officer for Liberate Technologies
Background: Before joining Liberate in 1996 as vice president of marketing, Mr. Limp spent nine years with Apple Computer. He was promoted to his current position at Liberate in January.
New job description: “I’ll be looking at where the company is moving into the future. I’ll be spending a lot of time working with our marketing groups, our business development groups as well as investor relations … to make sure we have the right products and the right partners. And in a market that’s moving so fast, looking over the horizon is the right thing for us to make sure we’re not missing the opportunities that are out there.”
Evolution of the ITV industry: “We’ve gone from a conceptual idea of what interactive TV is to the industry actually deploying this stuff en masse worldwide. So I think it’s a lot less about execution, the block-and-tackling of getting interactive TV into people’s homes. Although everybody hasn’t touched it yet, I think that is now inevitable. Now the question is how does that affect a consumer’s life and how does that affect the business models of television in general.”
Next-generation television: “Television is moving from a broadcast, one-way, linear medium to an interactive, two-way, nonlinear medium where you can record what you want and decide what you want to see when you want. And lots of things change when that happens. People can skip commercials. People can view their own prime-time programming across channels. People can blend traditional TV with streaming audio and video and make their TV experience much more interactive and rich. Those kinds of things are paradigm shifts, and that’s what Liberate is bringing to the industry.”