Profile: Kasenna

Apr 23, 2001  •  Post A Comment

Founded: Kasenna was spun off from Silicon Graphics as a venture-backed, independent company in January 2000.
Key executives: Mark Gray, chairman, president and CEO; Satish Menon, vice president of R&D and chief technology officer; Neil McGowan, vice president of sales and marketing; Stephen Schwerdfeger, vice president of operations; and Jeannie Duncanson, vice president of finance and chief financial officer.
What the company does: Kasenna develops broadband infrastructure software that enables network service providers, content providers and enterprises to build commercial-grade streaming media networks and applications. “People are looking at deploying video not just through one narrow channel,” Mr. Menon said. “We’re seeing multiple modes of distribution of video. And what we have built is infrastructure software that has essential components for these deployments-content management, content distribution, caching and streaming. And it’s built as an integrated platform.”
NAB location: Booth S4812, main floor of the Sands.
What they’re highlighting: In addition to demonstrating the Kasenna MediaBase Enterprise Edition, Kasenna will showcase the Kasenna MediaBase Network Edition, a new software platform designed to reduce the time, cost and risk of deploying distributed streaming video applications and networks. The new product includes Kasenna’s patent-pending Kasenna VCD architecture, which extends the video content delivery infrastructures of enterprises to multiple locations without the high cost of replicating assets at each location. “By showing various partner applications running on top of our platform, we are highlighting the fact that this is a video delivery platform that distributes video through different types of networks,” Mr. Menon said.
About the competition: “When you talk about a platform, what it means is that it is a software that has more of the elements of a standard work flow that you can deploy your video applications on; it’s a fairly linear value chain,” Mr. Menon said. “If you look at this entire value chain and who is building an infrastructure that goes across this value chain, there are actually very few companies. Most of the companies have solutions [for] pieces along that value chain. It’s a good position [for us] to be in.”