Quick Takes: Are there any recently canceled TV shows that you wish had stayed on the air?

Apr 9, 2001  •  Post A Comment

“`Big Apple’ with Ed O’Neill. CBS displayed less than great patience, placing it opposite … `ER’ to dangle and die. The plots were varied and complicated, the actors talented … and the quality … typical of a David Milch effort. Maybe the show was just too good.”
Marty Renzhofer, television critic, Salt Lake Tribune, Utah
“No. Then again, I’m still disappointed `Murder She Wrote’ got killed off. Maybe Angela Lansbury’s Jessica Fletcher character could visit New Jersey and stumble upon a `Sopranos’ hit.”
George Pennacchio, entertainment anchor, KABC-TV, Los Angeles
“None of the recent cancellations have been too egregious. I wish `Grosse Pointe’ and `Beggars & Choosers’ lasted longer. The WB and Showtime, respectively, gave them each a decent shot, but the audience never showed up.”
Rob Owen, television editor, Pittsburgh (Pa.) Post-Gazette