Quick Takes: What do you think of `Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s’ move to UPN?

Apr 30, 2001  •  Post A Comment

“Chalk up another victory for the real vampires: the business interests who run the big media conglomerates. Fox is simply moving [the] show to a network in which it has an interest. Sorry, WB. When a vampire [bites you], it’s nothing personal; he just needs blood.”
Terry Anzur, professor, USC, former co-anchor, KTLA-TV (WB), L.A.
“Even at work, people are asking me where to find UPN now. For many, this will put UPN on the map.
I just hope it doesn’t diminish the following for `Buffy.’ I’m sure its quality will remain as high as ever, which is the true bottom line here.”
Matt Roush, television critic, TV Guide
“I actually think it’s a great move on UPN’s part. `Buffy’ is a show that has had a considerable following. It has not been on in Anchorage since the WB went away, so I believe its audience will come back.”
Carol Schatz, general manager, KYES-TV (UPN), Anchorage, Alaska