Quick Takes: What would the lifting of the station ownership cap mean to you?

Apr 16, 2001  •  Post A Comment

“If there is … to be a lifting of the cap, it needs to be carefully done by the regulatory authorities in a comprehensive manner so that we do not end up with four mega-media companies controlling all the voices of communication to the American people.”
Harry Pappas, president/CEO, Pappas Telecasting
“Obviously we would like to see some of the bigger issues addressed first. I’ve been … front and center on the whole cross-subsidy issue, and I think we really need to understand how that ties in first before we further change the current system.”
Jeff Smulyan, chairman, Emmis Communications
“The whole American system of broadcasting mirrors the American system of government-that is to say, checks and balances-and the 35 cap is the check and balance against large organizations eating up control of telecommunications.”
Alan Bell, president, Freedom Broadcasting