Quick Takes: Who do you think will win `Survivor: The Australian Outback’?

Apr 23, 2001  •  Post A Comment

“I think Rodger is a lot smarter than people think he is, even though he’s … pretending he’s this bumbling Kentucky Joe-type guy. Ultimately, it’s going to be Elisabeth and Rodger [and] I think the final vote would go to Rodger just because he’s such a sweetheart.”
Wanda, TV expert, E! Online
“Tina’s my vote. I think she has exhibited good sportsmanship and managed to stay under the radar. I would love to see a woman [win]. I think she got brownie points for swimming across the raging river and retrieving the can [of rice].”
Barbara Scott, account manager, KGMB-TV (CBS), Honolulu
“Nobody wins on `Survivor II,’ at least not in the sense of survival. This is a game show and bears no resemblance to group survival situations. If these people were in a real situation and acted under the rules of `Survivor,’ they would all be dead in short order.”
David Alloway, survival expert, Presidio, Texas