Local Market Spotlight: Medford-Klamath Falls, Ore.

May 14, 2001  •  Post A Comment

Despite soft national sales in the Medford-Klamath Falls, Ore., market, some station managers say key categories outside automotive have seen an increase.
“We’re seeing growth in traditional top Fox categories like beverages and fast food,” said Peter Rogers, general manager at Fox affiliate KMVU-TV. “We’re also seeing the financial services category growing as well. In auto in general, I see some specific manufacturers growing.”
According to BIA Financial Network, Medford TV revenues were $17.4 million in 2000 and are expected to be $17.2 million in 2001.
Top ad categories are auto, retail, telecommunications, furniture, fast food, beverages, tires, auto repair and medical.
On the national side, Jessica Papazian, a sales manager at Continental TV Sales, said Medford is not pacing behind other markets in the region. “You don’t see the advertisers going away as much, except for automotive,” Ms. Papazian said. “The market itself is growing. You are getting a little bit more of the new franchises coming in.”
Ms. Papazian said people continue to move to the state for the quality of life. Housing costs are up as well. Some sources say the average cost of a home is $149,000 in Jackson County, where Medford is located.
Mr. Rogers said the market is pacing better than flat, “because it’s an isolated market from other main geographic centers-that’s one of the reasons why it’s remained consistent.”
“The area is definitely growing,” Mr. Rogers said. “The economic base has shifted from one that has been based on a timber-based economy … to a more regional center for retail services, medical services and financial services.”
Susan Kelley, general manager at CBS affiliate KTVL-TV, said her station has paced “well ahead of a year ago,” and for the quarter, “We’re ahead of last year.”
“I’m comfortable we’re going to be where we need to be by the end of the year,” Ms. Kelley said. “I think nationally it’s going to remain tough well through third and fourth quarter, but we’re providing clients with things that have not been previously offered or providing new products, different sponsorships.”