‘Motor Week’ not advertising copy

May 21, 2001  •  Post A Comment

I read with interest “Getting ad mileage from ‘Motor Week'” (EM, April 30). While the topic certainly bears discussion, some of the basic facts cited in the article are incorrect.
The column written for the Washington Post by “Motor Week’s” John Davis and Pat Goss is not at all “advertising copy” as the article stated. Advertising is by definition paid space. In this case, no one has paid for the space; rather, the Post’s ad department has paid these automotive experts to write the column, which is then used by the Post to attract advertisers. The column carries a superscript as an “advertising feature” to distinguish it from the paper’s editorial output. It is not advertising, and the copy is not advertising copy.
In this column, Mr. Davis and Mr. Goss write about general automotive information. They have no knowledge of what advertisements may appear as adjacencies to the column. They are objective journalists as much as any other feature writer who is unaware of and uninvolved in any advertising that may appear next to his or her column.
Electronic Media plays a valuable role in maintaining our industry’s ability to be aware of issues and concerns across the board. Thanks for continuing to do that for all of us and for being certain the information we get is complete.
Jeff Hankin
Vice president, marketing
Maryland Public Television
Owings Mills, Md.