Product Spotlight – :Cue TV

May 21, 2001  •  Post A Comment

What it is: A new technology that enables a television to become a remote control for a computer via “cues.” The cues consist of a “:c” icon in the corner of the TV screen accompanied by an audio tone that is embedded in the television programming. The audio tone triggers the PC to launch a Web page related to what is being watched.
NBC was scheduled to announce the launch of :CueTV Monday as part of a new network promotion offering viewers the chance to win more than $1.9 million in prizes from June 13 to July 11. Free :CueTV kits that contain a special cable and software will be distributed exclusively by more than 7,000 RadioShack retail locations starting May 24. No set-top box or fee of any kind is required.
Provider: Digital:Convergence Corp., a precision Internet navigation services provider.
Future: “Starting in July we will use the technology to enhance the viewing of `NBC Nightly News’ and `Dateline NBC,”’ said NBC Entertainment spokesman Kim Reed. NBC Entertainment is the network’s in-house ad agency.
Debut: The cues were to appear Monday on TV during a series of on-air spots promoting NBCIQ, a Web-based trivia sweepstakes that will test consumers’ knowledge of NBC programs. Officially launching June 13, the sweepstakes will use cues during morning, afternoon and prime-time promotional spots to direct viewers’ computers to a Web page featuring the NBCIQ trivia contest. Users do not need to be connected to the Internet when the audio cue appears. To play NBCIQ a user’s computer has to be on. Cues are stored like e-mail, which can be clicked later to launch the page online.
Participants in the NBCIQ sweepstakes will have the chance to win more than $1.9 million in prizes, including four General Motors vehicles; thousands of Compaq computers, RCA TVs, DVD players and magazine subscriptions; and five grand prizes of 1 million American Airlines miles each. Six instant prizes will be offered in each of the three broadcast zones for each of the 28 days of the contest. NBCIQ is being produced and hosted by Gold Pocket Interactive; Promosis is administering the sweepstakes.