Profile: Scott Newnam

May 14, 2001  •  Post A Comment

Title: President and co-founder of GoldPocket Interactive, a provider of interactive television software and infrastructure solutions. GPI’s proprietary EventMatrix technology allows audiences to directly affect live or syndicated rich media programming by providing real-time feedback.
Background: Before founding GPI in 1999, Mr. Newnam was treasurer of Irvine Apartment Communities, a publicly traded company based in Southern California.
The EventMatrix: “The EventMatrix is an industry-first technology that allows millions of people to interact with television content and with each other in real time. [GPI] was founded on the belief that at some point in time, large numbers of people would be interacting with each other. … While digital set-top boxes are just being deployed, it hasn’t become an issue. But once they are deployed and people want to participate, how is it that you have a million people click at the exact same time and not crash a system? And how do you have it affect the show in real time? That’s fundamentally what we address.”
Recent AOL Time Warner investment: “The big thing here is that the investment validated our technology. AOL Time Warner spent some time looking at what technologies exist today or are being developed that are going to be valuable from the perspective of providing interactive entertainment years from now and are going to be able to scale in a way that’s really productive.
“They decided to invest in the company, because I think they thought this was the technology that was going to be very, very big in the future.”
Upcoming projects: “Today [our technology] works on PCs and Macs and on a number of set-top boxes. You’ll see us rolling out the entire line of set-tops and consoles in the intermediate term. Just after that we’ll probably be hitting all the major wireless devices, cellphones, etc. So the real vision of the company is … everyone’s connected to each other and affecting each other’s experience.”