Quick Takes: Which “on the bubble” show most deserves to be renewed, and which is most likely to be canceled?

May 7, 2001  •  Post A Comment

“Most likely [to be canceled]? Let’s pray that’s `The Weber Show,’ which is to television what gangrene is to a foot. `Roswell,’ by contrast, probably always will be underappreciated … yet is truly inspired and deeply deserving of a place on network TV.”

Mike Antonucci, pop culture writer, San Jose (Calif.) Mercury News

“Wave bye-bye to `The Weber Show,’ although I’ll miss Chris Elliott’s mugging. `Once and Again’ will hopefully get another spin. I’m astounded by the performances consistently turned in by the younger performers.”

Neal Justin, television critic, Minneapolis Star Tribune

“If you’re betting on cancellations, bet `Roswell’ and remember 20th Century Fox and `Buffy.’ But `Two Guys and a Girl’ most deserves the ax. `Once and Again’ [should] survive because it’s the most emotionally brave show on TV, and courage should mean something.”

Rick Kushman, television critic, Sacramento (Calif.) Bee