Profile: Jeff Pescatello

Jun 4, 2001  •  Post A Comment

Title: President and CEO of MeTV Network, a service that delivers TV-quality video and other content on demand via the Internet.
Background: Prior to co-founding MeTV in 1998, Mr. Pescatello was regional vice president, Canada, of Ortronics.
How they’re different: “The cable TV guys are starting to offer telephone services, so what most of these telephone companies need to do is start offering video services, just for customer retention-they cannot afford to lose their core business. They have to look at their bottom line and [decide]: How do they bring revenue without spending $10 million to do it? And that’s what makes companies like MeTV very attractive. Most people are charging a huge upfront licensing fee, and there’s a bunch of hardware that has to go in. But we try to do it with the assets we already have and the assets the broadband provider already has.”
Recent projects: “We just signed a deal with Qwest. … We just signed a deal with a premier aggregator of IP-based content that gives us a multiple-year output deal for premium content. That will help drive the customer base, because people want to have fresh content there all the time and have it on demand. So for us to have signed a deal like that is very significant.
“And the fact that our company should be in the black in July or August of this year is also a pretty significant milestone for us. A lot of companies have failed because they couldn’t figure out how to make money off of their customer base. We have a super simple formula here-customer service. If a customer has a problem, we work with them until we can resolve that problem. … And that’s really helping us out quite a bit.”
The future: “Our vision is that we will be a nationwide provider of video, very similar to what DirecTV is doing. Except instead of delivering via satellite, we’ll be delivering it via IP network. It can be under our brand or under our partners’ brand. But MeTV will be the engine that will drive the whole thing.”