Profile: Samuel Turcotte

Jun 18, 2001  •  Post A Comment

Title: Senior Segment Manager for Internet Media at Sun Microsystems.
Background: Prior to joining Sun Microsystems in 1997, Mr. Turcotte was business development manager for emerging entertainment markets at Silicon Graphics.
Partners: “Our work with RealNetworks is one of the most important things we are doing today. RealNetworks encompasses an entire end-to-end range of application solutions that affect the whole value chain for distribution of media over the Internet. … It’s an opportunity for Sun to optimize its value proposition with a partner for the full range of the experience. So instead of just working on a one-off solution that has to be integrated with something else, here’s a way we can work with one partner and influence the entire experience.”
Future: “We are going to continue to focus aggressively on this market-digital media and wireless. But the way we’re going to embrace it is to become really close with our key partners. In the past, we tried to be all things to everybody. That’s nice, but when you’re facing an economy where the future is much more uncertain and you’re trying to streamline an operation in terms of costs, you have to make some difficult choices.
“At the same time, we are going to continue to look at new, smaller, upstart partners we want to work with, and we’re going to look at scalable ways of supporting the large mass of partners we have-make sure they can get the ongoing support they’ve come to expect from Sun, but without it relying so heavily on a single point of contact. So a lot more Web-centric programs and things that are scalable.”
Big picture: “In terms of the opportunities for digital media and especially for Internet media, we’re really just scratching the (surface). DSL, cable modems and broadband in general are just starting to roll out. Internet penetration is starting to gain a critical mass. People are starting to become more comfortable with using their computers for transmission of rich media and expecting (their computers) to be able to do that. And the partners Sun works with, we’re finding many of them want to make sure their applications not only work but work extremely well on a scalable enterprise platform like Sun.”