Quick Takes: What do you think of hard-liquor ads running on television?

Jun 11, 2001  •  Post A Comment

“I believe the industry should set a specific set of guidelines that applies to all alcohol products and not differentiate between distilled spirits, malt beverages or wine. … [Any standard] should be based upon percentage of alcohol content, not whether it’s a distilled spirit or not.”
Bill McGowan, executive VP, advertising sales, Discovery Communications
“So long as the ads run later in the evening on shows directed to an adult audience and are tastefully constructed-i.e. no Joe Camel equivalents-then I don’t see a thing wrong in the world with liquor companies advertising. As far as I know, the days of prohibition have ended.”
L. Brent Bozell, president, Parents Television Council
“I think that whatever [standards] you apply to one category of beverage alcohol should apply to all categories [beer, wine and spirits]. The health benefits that come from moderate consumption are the same regardless of what form you consume; the bad [effects] also.”
Marcus Grant, president, International Center for Alcohol Policies