Quick Takes: Who do you think would be the best owner for DirecTV?

Jun 25, 2001  •  Post A Comment

“From the consumer standpoint, I think News Corp. To get BSkyB to compete [in the U.K.], Rupert offered it free for the consumers. In order to compete against [cable in the U.S.], I could see him offering it free and promoting the hell out of it on Fox.”
David Miller, entertainment and media analyst, Sutro & Co.
“EchoStar has proven itself to be a phenomenal competitor, especially during the last 18 months. Conversely, with the global synergies, experience, teamwork and passion of a Rupert Murdoch, Sky Global could very well dominate the market.”
Jimmy Schaeffler, chairman/CEO, The Carmel Group
“None of the above. Neither [News Corp.’s Rupert] Murdoch nor [EchoStar’s] Charlie Ergen … will provide the kind of competition that satellite was supposed to do. This is all about consolidation and the reduction of consumer choice.”
Jeffrey Chester, executive director, Center for Digital Democracy