Schafbuch retires; Television Alliance Group goes with him

Jun 4, 2001  •  Post A Comment

Mick Schafbuch quietly closed two books at the CBS affiliates convention in Las Vegas last week.
It was the last such convention for the man who was first elected to the affiliates advisory board in 1981 and was, when he was general manager of KOIN-TV in Portland, Ore., the affiliate board chairman during the tumultuous Larry Tisch era.
Mr. Schafbuch also presided over a meeting at which the Television Alliance Group, an affiliate body born of comp-cutting campaigns, was dissolved.
Formed in late 1995 with 104 CBS affiliates as shareholders, TAG was conceived as a way for local stations to generate new revenues through projects ranging from travel packages for stations’ clients who wanted to go to Nagano, Japan, for the network’s Winter Olympics broadcasts, to a half-hour barter golf show that would air as a lead-in to CBS golf coverage and an “electronic mall” from which stations could earn a percentage of sales.
But economic times change, said Mr. Schafbuch, who has been president of TAG, and, “It was time for me to slow down.”
Mr. Schafbuch said TAG shareholders are getting back 95 cents on the dollar. As for himself, he sketched out a summer built around travel, golf and grandchildren. “I have a lot of mixed emotions,” he said. “I couldn’t have worked in a better time for television. I greatly enjoyed my 20 years on the board and am delighted that I don’t have to face the same challenges that people do today. It is so different; it is not even night and day. … I’m just glad I got in and got out when I did.”