Streaming Media Resource Guide

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Category: Web entertainment networks
2500 N. Harlem Ave.
Elmwood Park, IL 60707
D: Developer of innovative wireless technologies, products and services. The company’s patent-pending “kima wireless” enables devices such as PCs, car and home stereo systems, MP3 players, PDAs and cellular phones to communicate within a 1,000-foot radius.
KE: Niko Drakoulis, founder, president and CEO; Thomas Kulawiak, CFO; Ronald Pace, executive VP; Arkadiusz Zimny, director of technology
Founded: 1999
Employees: 35
FB: Undisclosed angel investors
SP: U.S. Robotics
Streaming formats: Flash, MusicMatch, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player
Alternative Entertainment Network
6301 De Soto Ave., Suite D
Woodland Hills, CA 91367
D: Producer, aggregator and syndicator of streaming media content on the Internet.
KE: Richard Brooker, VP of information services; Tony Cacioppo, executive VP; Drew Cummings, president and CEO; Howard Gold, VP of business affairs; David Pina, VP of creative services; Glenn Schwartz, VP of business development; Jeff Watts, VP of production services
Founded: 1995
Employees: 15
FB: AENTV is an affiliate of iNEXTV, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ampex Corp.
SP: AltaVista, Billboard, CompuServe, Excite@Home, GamePro, Hollywood Reporter, Juno, Microsoft, Warner Bros.
Streaming formats: RealPlayer, Windows Media Player
AtomShockwave Corp.
650 Townsend St., Suite 450
San Francisco, CA 94103
D: An entertainment provider for businesses and consumers worldwide. The company distributes entertainment properties, including games, films and animations across traditional and emerging media platforms via the Internet, mobile devices, video-on-demand services, television broadcasters, airlines and more.
KE: Mike Edmunds, senior VP of interactive products; Matt Hulett, president; Seth Levenson, VP of advertising sales; Toni Marinovich, chief marketing officer; Mika Salmi, CEO; Michael Yanover, senior VP of entertainment
Founded: Shockwave.com and AtomFilms merged in January 2001.
Employees: 150
FB: Arts Alliance, Intel Capital, JPMorgan Entertainment Partners, Macromedia, Sequoia Capital, Waterview Partners SP (more than 200 companies, including Blockbuster, Fox Interactive, HBO/Cinemax, Intel, Listen.com, LookSmart, Microsoft Pocket PC, Mpath Interactive, New Line Cinema, RealNetworks, Sony, TiVo, Warner Bros. Online)
Streaming formats: Flash, QuickTime, RealPlayer, Shockwave Player, Windows Media Player
4553 Glencoe Ave., Suite 380,
Marina del Rey, CA 90292
D: CinemaNow is an Internet-based video-on-demand network that delivers feature films at VHS and near-DVD quality via free streaming, pay-per-view and subscription services.
KE: Curt Marvis, CEO; Bruce Eisen, executive VP
Founded: 1999
Employees: 15
FB: Microsoft, Blockbuster, Lions Gate Entertainment
SP: Microsoft, Lions Gate Entertainment, Trimark
Streaming formats: Windows Media Player 7, Windows Media Player 8
601 Van Ness Ave., Suite E3444
San Francisco, CA 94102
D: Demonstrates the delivery of parent company Tranz-Send Broadcasting Network’s full-framed, on-demand content, which ranges from movies to local news broadcasts via the Internet without congestion or security issues.
KE: Jason Deadrich, executive VP of Internet operations; Scott Redmond, founder and chief architect
Founded: 1998
Employees: 35
FB: CrossFire Ventures, FatPipe Partners, Roy Furman, ING Barings, Trans Cosmos USA
SP: AboveNet, Cisco Systems, Intel, Oracle, Secure Media, Sun Microsystems
Streaming formats: All streaming downloads and Tranz-Cast formats
Eruptor Entertainment
4223 Glencoe Ave., Suite A200
Marina del Rey, CA 90292
D: A wireless and online media company that creates irreverent original entertainment targeting teen and college-aged males.
KE: Todd Allen, VP of legal affairs; Matt Edelman, SVP of content; Brad Foxhoven, co-founder, president and CEO; Clay Loveless, senior VP of technology; Brian Selzer, co-founder and senior VP of production
Founded: 1999
Employees: 12
FB: Baystar, Chase Capital Entertainment Partners
SP: Giant, Morling Manor, Pulse Entertainment, Top Cow, Wild Tangent
Streaming formats: Flash, QuickTime
1024 N. Orange Drive
Hollywood, CA 90038
D: An online global film destination for film fans, filmmakers and industry professionals. The network features include editorials, news, reviews, a searchable directory and 15,000 short and feature movies.
KE: Lew Harris, senior VP and editor in chief; Don Meek, senior VP of advertising sales; Skip Paul, chairman; Rodger Raderman, founder; Doug Sylvester, president and COO; Kevin Wendle, co-founder and CEO
Founded: 1998
Employees: 100
FB: Axiom Ventures, Baroda Ventures, Eastman Kodak, Leo Hindery, Marc Nathanson, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Vulcan Ventures, Yahoo!
SP: Akamai, AMC Theatres, Apache, Cisco Systems, Compaq, Dell, DoubleClick, IFC, Inktomi, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, TiVo, VeriSign, Vignette, Webtrends, Yahoo!
Streaming formats: Flash, QuickTime, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player
Level 13 Entertainment
12020 Chandler Blvd., Suite 300
North Hollywood, CA 91607
D: A multichannel Internet animation network geared toward the 18- to 28-year-old audience.
KE: Jay Francis, VP and general manager; John Hyde, president and CEO of Film Roman; Eric Radomski, creative head of animation and executive producer
Founded: November 1999
Employees: 10
FB: Level 13 is a fully funded subsidiary of Film Roman.
SP: Broadcast America, IFILM, Intertainer, Rampt, Scour, Slamdunk Film Festival, Yack.com
Streaming formats: QuickTime, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player
Live Music Channel
225 E. 24th St., 5th Floor
New York, NY 10010
D: Provider of live concert performances on the Internet and on television.
KE: Aimee Berger, vice president of artist and label relations; Charles Corwin, co-founder, president and CEO; Chris Coyle, VP of business development; Clara Markowicz, VP of marketing and production; Dean Raimondo, editor; Chris Roberts, CTO
Founded: November 1998
Employees: 10
FB: Berenson Minella, Net Catalyst, Yoshimoto Kogyo SP: MP3, RealNetworks, Ticketmaster, Yahoo! Broadcast
Streaming formats: MP3, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player
11111 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 300
Los Angeles, CA 90025
D: An online entertainment studio that creates a network of content and community Web sites that provides its users with a multifaceted entertainment experience.
KE: Austin Harrison, CEO
Founded: October 1999
Employees: 40
FB: Adam Duritz, Revolution Studios, Arnold Rifkin
Streaming formats: Allibra, Flash, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player
1220 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139
D: Producer, aggregator and broadcaster of rich, in-depth, on-demand video content unavailable on traditional, cable or satellite television. Includes six networks and more than 90 channels.
KE: David Badner, general manager; Jonathan Braun, CEO; Justin Goudreau, director of streaming media
Founded: April 1999
Employees: About 10
FB: Medium4.com is a publicly traded company.
SP: Broadwing, Microsoft, RealNetworks, Verio
Streaming formats: RealPlayer, Windows Media Player
MeTV Network
152 Cross Road
Waterford, CT 06385
D: An entertainment service that delivers real-time, on-demand, broadband and streaming movies, music, television programming and training over the Internet.
KE: Martin French, executive VP of sales and marketing; Mark Matson, VP of strategic partnerships; Andrew Perrott, COO; Jeff
Pescatello, president and CEO; Ernst Renner, CTO
Founded: 1999 (MeTV’s parent company, Group E Communications, was founded in 1988.)
Employees: 27
FB: MeTV Network is a privately funded company.
SP: The Allied Group, BEA Systems, Context Media, Engage, Exodus Communications, Global Media, Intel, Loudeye, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems
Streaming formats: Windows Media Player
On2 Technologies
145 Hudson St.
New York, NY 10013
D: A technology and services company that specializes in high-quality video compression.
KE: Randy Cohen, COO; Douglas McIntyre, president and CEO; Mark Meagher, executive VP of finance and legal affairs and CFO; Daniel Miller, founder and CTO
Founded: 1999
Employees: 70
FB: On2 Technologies is a publicly traded company.
SP: Include Akamai, Alliance, Apple, Artisan Films, AtomFilms, Fine Line Films, First Look, Fox Searchlight, Globix, Hollywood Stock Exchange, MGM, Miramax Films, New Line Cinema, NorthPoint Communications, RealNetworks, Reuters, Sony-Columbia/TriStar Pictures, Tribune Media Services, 20th Century Fox, Universal Pictures, USA Films, Walt Disney Co./Buena Vista Film Distribution
Streaming formats: TrueMotion VP3
Threshold Entertainment
1649 11th St.
Santa Monica, CA 90404
D: An online entertainment network for guys ages 12 to 35. Channels include movies, music, series, sports, chats, interviews and interactive entertainment.
KE: Leon Fan, VP of programming and acquisitions; George Johnson, CTO; Larry Kasanoff, chairman and CEO; Josh Wexler, CIO
Founded: 1998
Employees: 100
FB: Undisclosed
SP: IBM, Intel, Sprint
Streaming formats: Flash, QuickTime, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player
523 Victoria Ave.
Venice, CA 90291
D: An interactive online network for teen girls.
KE: Hillary Carlip, Maxine Lapiduss and Kristi Taylor, co-founders and co-presidents
Founded: 1999
Employees: 15
FB: Imperial Capital of Beverly Hills; numerous individuals including Jane Anderson, Pam Eells, Katie Ford, Mimi Friedman, Nely Galan, Michael Gelman, Billie Jean King, Sally Lapiduss, Francine Lefrak, Carol Leifer, Caroline Rhea, Connie Tavel
SP: Go Zing, Hard Candy, iZone, Microsoft, Mirror Image, Motorola, PeopleLink, RealNetworks, Steeplechase
Streaming formats: QuickTime, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player
Wild Brain
2650 18th St.
San Francisco, CA 94110
D: An entertainment company that creates content for film, television, commercials and the Internet. Wild Brain’s Web studio offers original animated programming for the Internet.
KE: Jeff Ulin, CEO; Amy Capen, executive producer; George Evelyn, director; John Hays, creative director and co-founder
Founded: 1994
Employees: 200
FB: Interfase Capital Partners
SP: Yahoo! Broadcast, Cartoon Network
Streaming formats: Flash, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, QuickTime
Category: Streaming services providers
2085 Hamilton Ave., Suite 300
San Jose, CA 95125
D: An infrastructure provider for rich-media management, creation and delivery. The company’s UNIVO/RichNet platform brings together a suite of Web-based applications for managing and creating rich media with a content delivery network built specially for the distribution of streaming video and media rich content.
KE: Jack Lii, president, chairman and CEO
Founded: 1998
Employees: 60
FB: Private investors
SP: AboveNet, Cisco Systems, Dell, DSI, Great Wall, KEY, Mini-Mercial, MTDC, Optibase, U.S. Solutions, UUNET
Streaming formats: ASF, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, QuickTime
Activate Corp.
1130 Rainier Ave.
South Seattle, WA 98144
D: A webcasting service provider. Services include event webcasting for business communications and consumer live events; on-demand webcasting of audio and video content; and live webcasting for radio, TV and Internet-only programming.
KE: John Brown, vice president of engineering; Stewart Chapin, senior VP of marketing; Chris Maskill, senior VP of sales; Paul Neutz, VP of business development; Jeff Schrock, CEO; Dennis Shepard, president and COO
Founded: 1997
Employees: 108
FB: Activate is a majority-owned operating company of CMGI.
SP: AdForce, AT&T Canada, The Carson Group, Engage, MSHOW.com, Microsoft, Unit.net Entertainment/TV clients: Miramax, MTVi
Streaming formats: RealPlayer, Windows Media Player
Akamai Technologies
500 Technology Square
Cambridge, MA 02139
D: A content delivery service provider that offers the broadest deployment of servers for content, streaming media and applications delivery.
KE: Robert Ball, vice president of business development; George Conrades, chairman and CEO; Tom Leighton, chief scientist; Daniel Lewin, CTO; Paul Sagan, president; Chris Schoettle, COO; Jonathan Seelig, VP of strategy and corporate development
Founded: 1998
Employees: 1,000
FB: Akamai is a publicly traded company.
SP: Alteon, Blue Martini, CacheFlow, eBusiness Technologies, E-Color, EDS, Equilibrium, F5 Networks, IBM, Idiom, Interwoven, Lionbridge, Preview Systems, Scale Eight, Storage Networks, Vignette Entertainment/TV clients: Artisan Entertainment, CBS, CNN Interactive, Discovery Channel, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, NBCi, Paramount Digital Entertainment
Streaming formats: QuickTime, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player
535 West 34th St.
New York, NY 10001
AllCast provides a patented peer-to-peer streaming technology that reduces bandwidth costs by around 90 percent.
KE: Jacky Benmoha, CEO, Will LaMartin, chief software architect,Charlie Harger, director of sales, Marc Steatham, chief marketing officer
Founded: 1996
Employees: 10
Streaming formats: Windows Media Player, RealPlayer
21335 Signal Hill Plaza
Sterling, VA 20164
D: An enterprise-class Internet software company focused on infrastructure products for streaming media.
KE: Geoff Allen, founder and president; Steven Geyer, founder and VP of R&D; Samir Gulati, VP of marketing; Jeff Hosley, VP of business development; William Milligan, VP and CFO; Wayne Weisman, chairman
Founded: 2000
Employees: 90
FB: Cambridge/Samsung Partners, Citigroup, Intel IA-64 Fund, SCP Private Equity Partners L.P.
SP: Apple, Excalibur, Intel, Ligos, Microsoft, RealNetworks, Sorenson Media, Vignette, Virage
Streaming formats: QuickTime, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player
Be Here Corp.
1100 Glendon Ave., 17th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90024
D: Provider of single-camera panoramic navigable imaging for broadcast and interactive television, Internet video, security and monitoring, still photography.
KE: Ted Driscoll, founder, chairman and CTO; Brian Terkelsen, VP and general manager of sports and entertainment; Andrew Thau, president and CEO
Founded: 1996
Employees: 35
FB: Eastman Kodak, Philips Electronics, Enterprise Partners, Intel Capital, Snider Capital, Wasserstein Adelson Ventures
SP: Intel, Kodak, Philips
Entertainment/TV clients: “Entertainment Tonight”
Streaming formats: QuickTime, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player
400 Unicorn Park Drive
Woburn, MA 01801
D: Provider of Java-based audio technology that allows anyone with a Web browser to listen to audio without downloads, plug-ins, or any other software. Also includes telephone-based audio listening and posting tools. Currently servicing e-mail marketing, corporate Web and online classifieds markets.
KE: Ben Krysiak, CEO; Jeff Valentine, executive VP; Alan Blount, CTO
Founded: 1999
Employees: 25
FB: Private
SP: YesMail, Sun Microsystems
Streaming formats: Specializing in low-bandwidth, voice-quality streaming at 13kbps.

650 Alman
or Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94085-3515
D: Provider of content-smart networking solutions, a new layer of infrastructure for accelerating, delivering and managing static, streaming and dynamic content. The company’s cIQ Content Delivery Architecture enables enterprise, content-provider and service-provider customers to deliver the right content to the right place at the right time.
KE: Douglas Crow, VP of product development; Patrick Harr, VP of marketing; Don Jaworski, senior VP of engineering; Farhad Kashani, senior VP of operations; Brian NeSmith, CEO; Alan Robin, senior VP of sales; John Scharber, CTO; Robert Verheecke, senior VP and CFO
Founded: 1996
Employees: 500
FB: CacheFlow is a publicly traded company.
SP: Akamai, Alteon, Apogee Networks, Cidera, Concept Five, Crystal Ball, Digital Pipe, EMC, Equilibrium, Exodus, Extreme Networks, Flash Networks, Foundry Networks, Hewlett-Packard, HydraWEB, iXL, LoudCloud, Marimba, McAfee, Mirror-Image, Netigy, Portal Software, ProactiveNet, Radware, RealNetworks, Secure Computing, Symantec, Top Layer Networks, UltraDNS, Virage, WaveCrest Computing, Websense, WebTrends
Entertainment/TV clients: ABC, BBC, Cox Communications, Disney, FarmClub.com, Sony, Time Warner, WebTV
Streaming formats: MPEG-4, QuickTime, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player
8037 Laurel Lakes Court
Laurel, MD 20707
D: Provider of managed global Internet broadcast platform that improves the delivery of rich media. The company serves content providers as well as broadband and dial-up Internet access providers.
KE: Scott Calder, senior VP of Cidera and general manager of Cidera-MainStream; Robert Dunham, executive VP of operations and development; Doug Humphrey, chairman and CEO; Edward Postal, executive VP and CFO
Founded: 1997
Employees: 150
FB: Berger Funds, The Carlyle Group, GE Equity, Grupo Pegaso, Institutional Venture Partners, Investor AB, MCI Worldcom Venture Fund, meVC Draper Fisher Jurvetson Fund I, Munder NetNet Fund, National Investors Group, New Enterprise Associates, Rare Medium Group, Trans Cosmos, Wheatley Partners
SP: Akamai, bCandid, CacheFlow, Cisco Systems, City Reach, Cobalt Networks, Digital Island, Entera, Equinix, Exodus, Incanta, InfoLibria, Inktomi, Interxion, Network Appliance, Novell, NTL, Road Runner, tin.it, Telenor, Verizon
Streaming formats: IP Multicast, QuickTime, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player
Clearband LLC
475 N. Martingale Road, Suite 100
Schaumburg, IL 60173
D: A technology company that provides end-to-end solutions that enable broadband network operators to offer the highest-quality IP-based video services to their subscribers. Clearband’s Live System provides a turnkey solution to capture, encode and broadcast any real-time video source to PCs and other IP-enabled devices over a high-speed broadband network.
KE: Kirk Bloede, vice president of business development; Patrick Daleiden, president and CEO; Brian Flynn, co-chairman of the board; Donald Flynn, co-chairman of the board; Joseph Gaucher, CTO and director; Jeffrey Huppertz, VP of marketing
Founded: 1999
Employees: About 30
FB: Flynn Enterprises
SP: Cisco Systems, Ellacoya Networks, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, River Delta Networks, Sun Microsystems, Terayon, Viacast
Streaming formats: Clearband player
Crawford Communications
404-876-7149 in Atlanta, 800-831-8027
D: Turnkey solutions for everything from production to signal acquisition to encoding to distribution. Services include live webcasting and video on demand via the Internet.
KE: Paul Hansil, president and COO; Jim Schuster, senior VP
Founded: 1981
Employees: 800
FB: Jesse Crawford, owner
Streaming Formats: RealNetworks, Windows Media Player, QuickTime
Digital Island
45 Fremont St., 12th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105
D: Recently acquired by Cable & Wireless, Digital Island is a provider of managed Internet infrastructure for enterprises. The company integrates managed hosting, content delivery and network services to bypass Internet congestion and guarantee fast, relevant transactions.
KE: Christopher Albinson, chief strategy officer; Ruann Ernst, chairman and CEO; Charles Picasso, COO; Tim Wilson, chief marketing officer
Founded: 1997
Employees: 600
FB: Publicly traded
SP: America Online, Cisco Systems, Compaq, Inktomi, Microsoft, RealNetworks, SRI International, Sun Microsystems Entertainment/TV Clients: Atlantic Records, BMG Entertainment, CNBC.com, Comedy Central, Elektra Records, Epic Records, Fox, HBO, House of Blues, MTV, Pearson TV, VH1, Virgin Records
Digital Lava
13160 Mindanao Way, Suite 350
Marina del Rey, CA 90292
D: Provider of digital publishing services and enabling software technology to Fortune 1000 companies that create on-demand interactive presentations, training and communications. The solutions provide end users with a fully integrated and interactive experience on their computer desktops delivered via the Internet, intranet, extranet, DVD, CD-ROM or any combination.
KE: David Florence, VP of marketing; Bob Greene, chairman and CEO; Bennet Lientz, CFO
Founded: 1995
Employees: About 80
FB: Digital Lava is a publicly traded company.
SP: Activate, INES Corporation, IRM Training Pty. Ltd., LessonLab, Look Consulting Group, Microsoft, Mini-Mercial, Network Appliance, NOA Technology, RealNetworks
Streaming formats: RealPlayer, Windows Media Player
Digital Pipe
1155 Triton Drive, Suite C
Foster City, CA 94404
D: Digital Pipe is the leading provider of intranet content delivery networks (iCDNs), offering content distribution and management solutions behind the firewall, enabling enterprises to leverage rich-media applications over existing IP networks resulting in reduced training costs, higher productivity and bandwidth savings.
KE: Chris Wallace, CEO, Larry Deleski, CTO, Cary Collins, CFO
Founded: 1998
Employees: 50
FB: Mellon Ventures
Strategic partners: Cisco
Streaming formats: Real, Windows Media, QuickTime, MPEG
840 Middlefield Road
Redwood City, CA 94063
D: eClipsNow! is a turnkey solutions provider for folks looking to put video onto the Internet. Working on a contract basis, eClipsNow! guides customers through all aspects of the production process, including encoding and hosting.
KE: Peter van Beckum, CEO; Gary Powers, president
Founded: 1998
Employees: 12
FB: eClipsNow! is a privately held concern.
SP: AT&T Broadband, Excite@Home, Microsoft, Videonics and ViewCast.
Streaming formats: Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, QuickTime and open-source MPEG.
2000 Alameda de las Pulgas
San Mateo, CA 94403
D: Provider of Web-based rich-media business-communications solutions using synchronized, on-demand video, audio, text and graphics.
KE: R. John Curson, CFO; Dave Glazer, founder and CTO; Gary Laney, VP of sales; Cliff Reid, founder and CEO
Founded: 1995
Employees: About 100
FB: Eloquent is a publicly traded company.
SP: Caucus Systems, Concentric Network, Gilat Communications, Microsoft, RealNetworks, Verity
Streaming formats: RealPlayer, Windows Media Player
11 Riverbend Drive S.
Stamford, CT 06907
D: An integrated streaming solutions provider. Solutions include hosting Web and streaming content, webcasting, media-triggered contextual information, digital rights management, pay-per-view, viewer authentication, and serving targeted rich-media ads and commerce.
KE: Al Barber, president and CEO; Eric Dale, senior VP and chief legal officer; Joe DeMarco, senior VP of operations; Dennis Dolan, CFO; John Engel, founder and chairman; Michael Terretta, CTO and chief visionary officer; Tom Wrigley, senior VP of sales and marketing
Founded: 1995Employees: 60
FB: EMC, Goldman Sachs Group, Microsoft, Summit Partners, Vulcan Ventures, Winfield Capital
SP: AboveNet, Audible.com, DoubleClick, EMC, Microsoft, Network Engines, SuperSpeed Software
Entertainment/TV clients: House of Blues Digital, Maverick Records, Pearson TV, Showtime, Warner Bros., World Wrestling Federation
Streaming formats: QuickTime, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player
6565 Sunset Blvd., Suite 320
Hollywood, CA 90028
D: A digital media infrastructure company that specializes in encoding, digital source storage, file and database management, database integration, watermarking, indexing, and distribution.
KE: Caleb Baskin, founder and VP of business development
Founded: 1999
Employees: 25
SP: Activate, Akamai, 3Minute Network
Streaming formats: QuickTime, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player
Enron Broadband Services
1400 Smith St., 45th Floor
Houston, TX 77002
D: Provider of high-quality, high-bandwidth delivery and application services.
KE: Kenneth Rice, chairman and CEO
Founded: 1998
Employees: 950
FB: Enron Broadband Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of Enron Corp.
SP: Avici, Ciena, Cisco Systems, i2.com, Inktomi, RealNetworks, Sun Microsystems, Sycamore Networks
Streaming formats: RealPlayer, Windows Media Player
416 Troy Circle
Knoxville, TN 37919
D: Erroyo creates high-quality video using interactive experiences and platforms to engage participants in cutting-edge short segments. Video can be delivered via Internet streaming, intranet streaming, VHS or CD-ROM with quick project completion times.
KE: John Tolsma, president; Dee Haslam, CEO, RIVR Media; Rob Lundgren, COO, RIVR Media
Founded: 2000
Employees: 11
FB: Financial subsidiary of RIVR Media Group
SP: Akamai, RIVR Media, ThunderRoad Production
Streaming formats: RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, QuickTime
eSynch Corp.
15502 Mosher, Ave.
Tustin, CA 92780
D: eSynch provides video delivery tools, streaming media services, and software utilities.
KE: Tom Hemingway chairman, CEO; David Lyons, president
Founded: 1994
Employees: 30
FB: Publicly traded
Streaming formats: Windows Media, Real, QuickTime; ISO MPEG-2, ISO MPEG-1, ISO MPEG-4, MP3
Flying Spot Motion Media
1008 Western Ave., Suite 200
Seattle, WA 98104
D: Digital Media Group (hosting, encoding, streaming, production); Post Production and Editorial Group; Broadcast Design Services Group, Sports Entertainment Group
KE: Joel Veatch, Pat Sanford
Founded: 1982
Employees: 35
SP: RealNetworks
Streaming formats: RealVideo, Windows Media Player, QuickTime
139 Centre St.
New York, NY 10013
D: MOD hosting, live Webcast hosting, scheduled broadcast hosting, ebConferencing, live broadcast/event management, signal acquisition, encoding, audio/video production, DRM, ad insertion, SMIL, content tracking/reporting, 24-hour support.
KE: Dan Rayburn, Mike Moskowitz
Founded: 1989
Employees: 1,000
FB: Hicks, Muse, Tate & Hurst
SP: RealNetworks, Windows Media, Cisco, Measurecast, MSHOW, Reciprocal, Compaq, AdForce
Streaming formats: RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, QuickTime
GMV Network
18 S. Michigan Ave., Suite 900
Chicago, IL 60603
D: Developer of standards-based software technologies for efficient and scalable delivery of audio, video and data content.
KE: Greg Berry, CTO; Christopher Casey, president; Michael Casey, founder and CEO; Paul Lewakowski, COO
Founded: May 1996
Employees: 48
SP: Boxx Technologies, MeasureCast, Octiv, Telcos Systems, Viewcast
Streaming formats: FreeAmp Player, QuickTime, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, WinAmp Player
iBEAM Broadcasting Corp.
645 Almanor Ave., Suite 100
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
D: A provider of streaming communications solutions. iBEAM solutions include interactive webcasting, streaming advertising insertion, syndication and pay-per-view management, secure licensed download and geographical identification services.
KE: Peter Desnoes, president and CEO; Tom Gillis, senior VP and general manager of entertainment services; Drew Henry, VP of marketing; Kurt Hoffman, executive VP and COO; Nils Lahr, CTO
Founded: 1998
Employees: 400
FB: iBEAM is a publicly traded company.
SP: Engage Technologies, Microsoft, RealNetworks, Williams Communications
Entertainment/TV clients: AtomFilms, BBC Online, CNBC.com, IFILM, MTVi, MuchMusic, NFL Films, Sony, Warner Bros.
Streaming formats: RealPlayer, Windows Media Player
1313 Laurel St.
San Carlos, CA 94070
D: An information technology company focused on developing and marketing broadband and wireless interactive Internet and intranet software systems. ImaginVideo, the company’s lead product, is a client-server application for the delivery and management of interactive video over TCP/IP networks.
KE: Abe Matar, vice president of network operations; James Newcomb, CFO; David Schwartz, president and CEO
Founded: 1996
Employees: 15
FB: ImaginOn is a publicly traded company.
SP: Apple, Lucent Technologies, Microsoft, Sony Computer Entertainment of America, Sun Microsystems
Streaming formats: QuickTime, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player
iNEXTV Corporation
135 East 57th St., 20th Floor
New York, NY 10022
D: iNEXTV Corporation is a producer, aggregator and syndicator of video for the Internet, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ampex Corporation. iNEXTV and its subsidiary, AENTV.com, have a syndication network that reaches more than 100 million unique monthly users via its distribution partnerships.
KE: Edward Bramson, Chairman & CEO; Marc Chalom, Vice President, Content and Production; Peter Boyd, Vice President, Business Development
Founded: June 1999
Employees: 60
FB: Self-funded through parent company, Ampex Corporation
SP: iNEXTV’s syndication partners include Microsoft’s WindowsMedia.com, Yahoo!, Qwest’s Online Avenue, AskJeeves, and MotorCities.com
Streaming formats: Using a technology perfected by Ampex, we stream at 160K (vs. others who stream at 300K), which provides the same high-quality but at a lower cost. Our content can be viewed via WindowsMedia.com or RealPlayer.com.
271 Waverley Oaks Road
Waltham, MA 02452
D: Provider of Internet infrastructure for content delivery networks.
KE: Joseph Boykin, CTO; Robert Cirrone, CFO; Ian Yates, president and CEO
Founded: 1997
Employees: About 250
FB: Boston Millenia Partners, CIBC Capital Partners, GE Capital, Madison Dearborn Partners, NTT, PSINet, Sandler Capital Management, Tudor Investment Corp.
SP: AtomFilms, Avid Technology, AZNTV, BreakTV, Cisco Systems, Comstor, EMC, Foundry Networks, iKnowledge, MeTV, Microsoft, Network Engines, Nortel, Raveworld, RealNetworks, Transparent Music, VastVideo, Zoom Culture
Streaming formats: QuickTime, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player
Inktomi Corp.
4100 E. 3rd Ave.
Foster City, CA 94404
D: Developer and marketer of scalable applications that are core to the Internet infrastructure, enabling end users to easily find information and access it more quickly. The software is designed for global enterprises, media companies and service providers in the Internet access, backbone, broadband, hosting and content markets.
KE: David Peterschmidt, chairman, president and CEO; Richard Pierce, executive VP; Timothy Stevens, VP of business affairs, general counsel and assistant secretary; Vince Vannelli, senior VP
Founded: 1996
Employees: About 600
FB: Inktomi is a publicly traded company.
SP: America Online, AT&T, Compaq, Excite@Home, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, iWon,
Merrill Lynch, Microsoft, Nokia, Sun Microsystems, Yahoo!
innovacom Networks
3400 Garrett Drive
Santa Clara, CA 95054
D: Developers and manufacturers of high-quality digital video communications and transmission solutions
KE: Frank Alioto, president and CEO; Sami Asfour, VP of sales and marketing
Founded: 2001
FB: Privately held company
SP: Marconi, Burst Communications, Diversified Systems, Parker Vision
Streaming formats: MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4
11455 El Camino Real, Suite 350
San Diego, CA 92130
D: Provider of technology, services and infrastructure to transform video into interactive content for middle-band and broadband distribution.
KE: Kamal Bhadada, president and CEO; Vijnan Shastri, VP of engineering
Founded: 1997
Employees: 50
FB: TCS Ltd.
SP: Bloomberg Television, Exodus, HGTV, InfoSpace, iSyndicate, NBC, Lifetime Television, Road Runner, Singapore One, Sprint, Twentieth Century Fox Television, The Weather Channel
Streaming formats: MPEG, QuickTime, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player
135 W. 20th St., Suite 401
New York, NY 10011
D: A technology development lab dedicated to creating and delivering high-quality Internet video.
KE: Chip Ruhnke, CTO; Joe Tripician, executive vice president
Founded: 1998
Employees: 9
FB: iStreamTV is a privately held company.
SP: Anderson Consulting, e-Media, Historic Films, Kaplan Medical, Warner Music Group
Streaming formats: QuickTime, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player
Interactive Video Technologies
100 Broadway, 18th Floor
New York, NY 10005
D: Provider of rich-media technology that helps businesses create Web sites that integrate streaming video with interactive content and e-commerce.
KE: Mike Cole, executive vice president of marketing and business development; John Danski, CFO; Matthew Lewis, executive VP and general manager, Los Angeles; Mark Lieberman, chairman and CEO; Chris O’Brien, president and COO; Greg Pulier, vice chairman and CTO
Founded: October 1998
Employees: 40
FB: Allen & Co., Intel Capital, J&W Seligman, Millennium Technology Ventures, Ramsey Beirne, Storie Partners, Trident Capital, Tudor Private Equity, Vulcan Ventures, Warburg Pincus
SP: Intel, RealNetworks, Sun Microsystems Entertainment/TV clients: E! Online, GetMusic, HBO, Home Shopping Network, Showtime
Streaming formats: RealPlayer, Windows Media Player
4699 Old Ironsides Drive, #420
Santa Clara, CA 95054
D: iVAST Inc. is a developer of interactive streaming media technologies based on MPEG-4. The company offers professional consulting services and is a suite a streaming software products.
KE: Elliot Broadwin, CEO; Tapa Biswas, founder and CTO
Founded: 1998
Employees: 50
FB: Second Round from CenComV, BCE Capital Inc., Centennial Ventures, Vanguard Venture Partners, Venture Strategy and Vulcan Ventures; First Round from Centennial Ventures, Vulcan Ventures, Vanguard Venture Partners, BCE Capital, North River Ventures, Matsushita Electric Corporation of America and Flying Rhinoceros
SP: FOXSports.com, HSI Productions, Mandalay Pictures, Pearson Broadband, The Post Group, AdForce, Kaydara and Macrovision
Streaming formats: MPEG-4
1225 Charleston Road
Mountain View, CA 94043
D: Developer of broadband infrastructure software that enables service providers, content providers and enterprises to build commercial-grade streaming media networks, applications.
KE: Warren Allgyer, VP of worldwide sales; Jeannie Duncanson, VP of finance and CFO; Mark Gray, president and CEO; Satish Menon, VP of R&D and CTO
Founded: 2000
Employees: About 80
FB: Alloy Ventures, Entertainment Media Ventures, SGI, U.S. Venture Partners
SP: Andalucia Digital Media, GE Access, Informix, Kreatel, mGen, PACE, PixStream, Portal, SGI, Sun Microsystems
Streaming formats: MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, QuickTime, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player
Kinecta Corp.
1338 Mission St.,
San Francisco, CA 94103
D: Kinecta provides e-business infrastructure and services for establishing and managing B2B content networks.
KE: David Mathison, chairman and CEO; Adam Souzis, co-founder and chief strategist; Arthur Do, co-founder and CTO
Founded: 1998
Employees: 58
FB: Adobe Ventures, Granite Ventures, Fenway Partners, Canaan Partners, Reuters Greenhouse, Fidelity Ventures, iMinds Ventures
SP: Open Market, Eprise, Percussion Software, Andel Consulting, Oracle, Adobe
Streaming formats: All formats supported
LiveWave, Inc.
359 Thames St., Suite AB
Newport, RI 02840
D: LiveWave sells and licenses remote-controllable broadcast camera systems and engineers and operates the networks that carry live, uncompressed broadcast-quality signals, allowing distribution through any television or online format.
KE: Peter Mottur, chairman, president and CEO; Debra Lipsett, VP of operations; Jamie Edgar, VP of programming
Founded: 1999
Employees: 14
FB: Zero Stage Capital, Snider Capital LP, Barn Ventures LLC, PSINet Ventures
SP: Discovery, Fox Sports, NBC, Rainbow Media
Streaming formats: SDI, MPEG-2, M-JPEG, Real
Loudeye Technologies
414 Olive Way
Seattle, WA 98101
D: Provider of services and infrastructure for the authorized delivery of digital content.
KE: John Baker, president and CEO; Brad Berg, senior VP and CFO; Todd Hinders, senior VP of sales; Joel McConaughy, senior VP and CTO; Martin Tobias, founder and chairman
Founded: 1997
Employees: 160
FB: Loudeye is a publicly traded company.
SP: Akamai, Apple, Digital Island, iBeam, Microsoft, RealNetworks Entertainment/TV clients: AtomFilms, BMG Direct, CNN, Disney, DreamWorks Records, Energy Films, E! Online, ESPN, Sony Music, 20th Century Fox
Streaming formats: QuickTime, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player
545 Fifth Ave.
New York, NY 10017
D: A streaming multimedia application service provider that creates comprehensive solutions for Fortune 500 clients and other high-profile public and private entities.
KE: Thomas Fiorita, executive VP of sales; Charles Saracino, president and CEO
Founded: 1992
Employees: About 45
FB: Private investors
SP: Akamai, Enron, Waterfront Communications, Winstar Communications
Entertainment/TV clients: Lifetime Television, Universal Studios
Streaming formats: RealPlayer, Windows Media Player
1745 Shea Center Drive, Suite 200
Highlands Ranch, CO 80129
D: An interactive broadcasting services provider that delivers Web conferencing, streaming and interactive broadcasting services to enterprises.
KE: Frank Johnson, senior VP of R&D; Roger Moody, VP of business development and CFO; Bob Ogdon, founder, chairman and CEO
Founded: 1996
Employees: 57
FB: Blue Chip Venture Capital, Citizens Capital, Enron Communications, Knowledge Universe, Sepulveda Capital, Sequel Venture Partners
SP: Akamai, Activate, E-Conference, Enron, Exodus, Globix, Intercall, Knowledge Universe, Qwest Digital Media, SingTel, Voyant
Streaming formats: RealPlayer, Windows Media Player
1400 East West Highway, Suite 628
Silver Spring, MD 20910
KE: Paul Young, Dave Lilling
D: Live encoding on site for webcasting, encoding for video on demand, consulting to build your own webcasting situation
Founded: 2000
Employees: 2
Streaming formats: Windows Media Player, RealPlayer
FB: Privately held company
3957 N.E. 163rd St.
North Miami, FL 33160
D: Producer and distributor of business, financial and other programming for cable t
elevision and the Internet.
KE: Eric Lefkowitz, executive VP of 5th Avenue Channel Corp.; Stuart Volkow, VP of business development for 5th Avenue Channel Corp.
Founded: 1999
Employees: 100
FB: NeTVideoNetworks.com is a wholly owned subsidiary of 5th Avenue Channel Corp.
SP: iBEAM, Microsoft, Zacks Investment Research
Streaming formats: RealPlayer, Windows Media Player
Pegasus Communications
www.OurMaine.com, www.GoMiss.com, www.NEPAtoday.com
D: Pegasus Communications is a digital services company that offers multiplatform distribution, content and production services from audio/video production services to TV broadcasting to broadband ISP to Web site operation.
KE: Doug Finck
Founded: Streaming services began in 2000
Employees: 1,500
FB: Publicly traded on NASDAQ
SP: DirecTV, Fox Network, WB Network, UPN Network, Liberate
Streaming formats: RealPlayer 8
POPcast Communications Corp.
6777 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 400
Los Angeles, CA 90028
D: Provider of video solutions for broadband service providers, telcos, Web portals, e-businesses, cable operators and mobile providers.
KE: Keith Moore, president; William Mutual, founder and chairman; Harry Snodgrass, senior VP of business services; Joshua Taurek, CTO; Mike Wilson, senior VP of corporate development and sales
Founded: 1997
Employees: 60
FB: Intel Capital, Telesystem Ltd.
SP: British Telecom, Engage, iBill, Intel, JVC, MGI, Microsoft, PanAmSat, Teleglobe, Terra Mobile
Streaming formats: QuickTime, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player
450 Fairway Drive
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441
D: Producer and webcaster of weekly programs, online presentations of made-for-television shows, press conferences, trade shows, concerts, special events, product announcements.
KE: Troy Feichter, VP of media sales; Crawford Grimsley, CEO and president; Karl Gruber, VP of business development; Brian Slusarz, VP of visual design
Founded: 1999
Employees: 26
FB: Private investors
SP: Akamai, Alchemy, Century Productions, Microsoft, Play Streaming Media Group, Terran Interactive, WebStream Internet Solutions, WWBC.net
Entertainment/TV clients: Century Productions, Excite@Home, George Schlatter Productions, ShowBiz Data
Streaming formats: Windows Media Player
Qwest Digital Media
950 17th St., Suite 2050
Denver, CO 80202
D: Video production, post-production, live event webcasting, interactive webcasting, media on demand, video over Internet, fiber, satellite delivery
KE: David Woodrow, CEO; John Couzens, CFO
Founded: 1981
Employees: 225
FB: Qwest Communications/Anschutz Investments
Streaming formats: Microsoft Windows Media, RealPlayer, QuickTime
Radical Communication
4086 Glencoe Ave.
Marina del Rey, CA 90292
D: A software solutions provider whose flagship product, RadicalMail, offers streaming audio and video, secure transactional capabilities and forwarding without requiring plug-ins, executable files or lengthy downloads.
KE: Donna Cunningham, general counsel and chief privacy officer; Todd Klawin, VP of sales; Andrew Shikiar, VP of business development; Barry Sohl, VP of technology; Bruce Stein, chairman and CEO; Tom Wszalek, president and COO
Founded: 1999
Employees: 50
FB: East West Venture Group, Lehman Brothers Venture Capital Group, Pioneer Internet Fund LLC
SP: Akamai, Bigfoot Interactive, DoubleClick, L90, Message Media, Oracle, 24/7 Media, xChange, YesMail Entertainment/TV
Clients: Columbia House, Discovery Channel, Microsoft, NBC, Nickelodeon, Sony, Ticketmaster, Trimark Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros.
Streaming formats: Plug-in-free Java
2601 Elliott Ave.
Seattle, WA 98121
D: A global leader in Internet media delivery. Develops and markets software products and services designed to enable users of personal computers and other consumer electronic devices to send and receive audio, video and other multimedia services using the Web.
KE: Paul Bialek, CFO and senior VP of finance and operations; Rob Glaser, chairman and CEO; Larry Jacobson, president and COO; Len Jordan, senior VP of consumer appliances
Founded: 1994
Employees: 1,000
FB: RealNetworks is a publicly traded company.
SP: Thousands of companies, including ABCNews.com, AOL Time Warner, Bertelsmann, CNN.com, EMI, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Macromedia, Major League Baseball Advanced Media, nCUBE, Network Appliance, NBA.com, Nokia, Oracle, Panasonic, Texas Instruments, Warner Music Group, Wavefly
Streaming formats: RealPlayer
1450 Broadway, 18th Floor
New York, NY 10018
D: RichFX is a provider of front-end visual merchandising solutions for highly efficient, sensory-rich experiences that engage consumers. RichFX provides a lifelike presence on the Web that allows consumers to “walk” through stores and browse, zoom in and interact with products. Through its proprietary compression technology, RichFX delivers this experience using computer-generated streaming video.
KE: Tal Kerret, CEO and co-founder; Chemi Peres, chairman of the board; Rob Glaser, director; Yossi Vardi, director; Harry Plonskier, CFO; Tomer Ben-Kiki, president; Yuval Almog, director
Founded: 1997
Employees: 100
FB: Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Mellon Ventures, Deutsche Bank Alex. Brown, and RealNetworks
SP: RealNetworks, Digitas, API International
Streaming formats: VPEG
466 Kato Terrace
Fremont, CA 94539
D: Provider of interactive streaming media solutions and services. The company offers licensed products, hosted applications, professional services and fully outsourced solutions for interactive video on demand and interactive webcasts.
KE: Michael Cornelio, CTO; Harry Eaddy, VP of sales, Scott Gordon, VP of marketing; Narayanan Ram, chairman and CEO
Founded: 1997
Employees: 35
FB: Deutsch Investments, MKS Ventures, NBC, Swiss Finanz, Wit Soundview
SP: Digital Planet, Groovy Gecko, Intel, SportsID.com, TalkCity Marketing Group, U-net Streaming, Uptilt
Streaming formats: QuickTime, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player
1030 New Britain Ave.
West Hartford, CT 06110
D: slp3D is an Internet broadcasting company that specializes in live and on-demand webcasting and Web-conferencing applications for the health-care industry.
KE: Ross Joel, executive VP, sales & marketing; Peter Gailey, executive VP, development
Founded: 1994
Employees: 35
FB: Privately funded
SP: Akamai, Discoveryhealth Online
Streaming formats: Real Player, Windows Media Player, Quick Time
Sliq Media Technologies
1110-2155 Guy,
Montreal, PQ, H3H 2R9, Canada
D: Sliq provides turnkey channel management, interactivity, conditional access and customized solutions for content providers based on its SliqStream patent pending platform.
Founded: 1999
FB: Private
Streaming formats: Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, Quicktime
SP: Akamai, SMC.NET
Key customers: Radio Free Virgin, Akamai, Microsoft, Alliance Atlantis, Cossette Interactive, Sympatico.ca and Public Interactive
1072 Illinois St.
San Francisco, CA 94107
D: Provider of broadband development, streaming media platform services and systems integration for the media and entertainment industry.
KE: George Alambo, VP of finance; Brian Benitez, CTO; Ole Lutjens, VP of production and design; Ian Raikow, VP of product development; Zane Vella, CEO
Founded: 1994
Employees: 10
FB: Private investors
Entertainment/TV clients: Apple, Disney, Excite@Home, Noggin, ReplayTV, WebTV
Streaming formats: RealPlayer, Windows Media Player
489 King St. W., Suite 101
Toronto, Ontario, M5V 1K4, Canada
D: Pro
prietary scanners that provide an objective quality streaming measurement solution for content owners, advertisers and streaming service providers, applicable on all popular formats, including RealPlayer and Windows Media Player
KE: Shai Berger & Jason Bique
Founded: 1998
Employees: 12
FB: Angel investors including Mark Cuban and Yorkton Securities
SP: Microsoft Windows Media, Real Networks, UUNet
Streaming formats: RealPlayer and Windows Media Player
170 Knowles Drive, Suite 1
Los Gatos, CA 95032
D: Developer of video-streaming technologies that enable broadband and Internet service providers to deliver broadcast-quality video and audio over the Internet on a large scale.
KE: David Du, CEO; Joe Lin, president; Ben Silva, VP of U.S. sales
Founded: 1999
Employees: 70
FB: First International Computer, iGlobe Partners, Industrial Technology Research Institute, InterVideo, The National Science and Technology Board, RiTEK, Techno Venture Management, Trident, Ulead Systems, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
SP: Acer, Compaq, Dell Elastic Networks, ETWebs, Geovideo Networks, InterVideo, Neon Technology, Sigma Designs, SKY Datamann, Stockscape.com, Ulead Systems
Streaming formats: AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MP3, VCD, Windows Media Player
Stream Machine
580 Cottonwood Drive
Milpitas, CA 95035
D: Stream Machine enables the highest-quality audio and video streaming for the bit rate. This combined benefit of reduced bandwidth demand and enhanced storage capacity is exploited in a number of affordable, high-quality digital media products for consumer, PC and Internet applications.
KE: Diosdado Banatao, chairman; Michael L. Canning, president and CEO; Cheng-Tie Chen, VP, engineering; Don Chun, VP, operations; Brian Heuckroth, VP, marketing; Fure-Ching Jeng, VP, R & D; Victor Ren, VP, sales and business development
Founded: 1996
Employees: 90
FB: Mayfield Fund; Tallwood Venture Capital; Vertex Management (II) Pte. Ltd.; ChinaVest; Bessemer Venture Partners; WI Harper Group
Streaming formats: MP3; MPEG-2; MPEG-4; DVD
2001 N. Beauregard St., 12th Floor
Alexandria, VA 22311
D: An enterprise-only streaming provider that provides the services necessary to enable organizations to broadcast their live events to a global audience using the Internet.
KE: Michael Ahern, COO; Joseph Fisher, CEO; Blair Fuller, co-founder and chief marketing officer; Kurt Krauss, chairman
Founded: 1998
Employees: 35
FB: ATC Teleports, PSINet, Young & Rubicam SP: PSINet, Trivoli Systems, Verestar, Young & Rubicam/The WPP Group
Streaming formats: RealPlayer, Windows Media Player
Tableau Media
618 B Moulton Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90031
D: Mediamodeler is a multimedia content management and authoring suite written in SMIL (synchronized multimedia integration language).
KE: Richard Cardran, president; Mark Kelly, CEO; Mike Petrusis, CIO
Founded: 1995
Employees: 12
FB: Private investors
SP: Informal relationships with Real Networks, Akamai, Digital Island, Globix, Adforce, DoubleClick
Television/Entertainment clients: Comedy Central, Capitol Records, iFilm, Real Networks, Streaming Magazine and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
Streaming formats: RealPlayer, QuickTime, Windows Media Player, MPEG4 and SMIL
36-12 35th Ave.
Astoria, NY 11106
D: A provider of informational streaming video, with one of the largest content libraries on the Internet.
KE: Nathan Leight, CEO; Neil Braun, chairman of the board; Perri Stein, director of sales
Founded: 1999
Employees: 25
FB: Terrapin Partners, CIC Advisors, Synergy Ventures
SP: Speedera, HP, Globix
Streaming formats: RealPlayer, Windows Media Player
2665 Villa Creek Drive, Suite 200
Dallas, TX 75234
D: Provider of Internet and networked video solutions. Product applications include video conferencing, live broadcasting, video-based training, surveillance and distance learning.
KE: Harry Bruner, senior VP of sales and marketing; Laurie Latham, CFO; George Platt, president and CEO
Founded: 1997
Employees: 90
FB: ViewCast.com is a publicly traded company.
SP: Excalibur, Lariat, Microsoft, NEC, RealNetworks, Sun Microsystems, Virage
Streaming formats: RealPlayer, Windows Media Player
21110 Oxnard St.
Woodland Hills, CA 91367
D: In April 1999, Emblaze Systems launched WebRadio.com, which provides solutions for live streaming audio and video to radio stations throughout North America. In addition to offering radio station webcasts, WebRadio.com is a full-service streaming solution provider offering live and on-demand audio and video encoding.
KE: Sasson Darwish, president, Emblaze Systems; Richard Belloff, general manager, WebRadio.com; Shannon Diem, director of business development
Employees: 30
299 East Shore Road, Suite 205
Great Neck, NY 11023
D: Provider of turnkey streaming media solutions, specializing in producing high-quality live webcasts for business and entertainment applications.
KE: Richard Beckman, VP, marketing and business development; Jack Plunkett, CTO; Damon Sleicher, president; Stephen Sleicher, CFO
Founded: 1999
Employees: 8
FB: Private investors
SP: Take 5, Visual Security, Yack Media Services
Streaming formats: Quicktime, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player
Category: Content, creators, providers, sources
AA Aran Rock
131 Ave A, Suite 10
New York, NY 10009
D: Content supplier and creator of text feeds and video. In-house production studio for custom video creation.
KE: Colm Byrne, Jon ‘Buzz’ Chicone, Michael Steel
Founded: 1995
Employees: 27
FB: Angel funding
SP: Major media partners
Streaming formats: All
14827 Ventura Blvd., Suite 226
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
D: An entertainment convergence Web site that delivers streaming video highlights of network television and nationally syndicated shows.
KE: Jim Cute, executive VP of business development; Joe Nassour, president and CEO; Tony Nassour, creator and executive VP of creative affairs; Chuck Pennock, executive VP of marketing
Founded: January 2000
Employees: 6
FB: Angel investors
SP: Big Bang, iBeam, Microsoft, Mobile Engines, NetTV, Phase2Media, RealNetworks, Road Runner
Streaming formats: RealPlayer, Windows Media Player
Brilliant Digital Entertainment
6355 Topanga Canyon Blvd., Suite 120
Woodland Hills, CA 91367
KE: Kevin Bermeister, president, Patrick Barry, VP, business development and syndication
Founded: 1996
Employees: 75 (U.S. and Australia)
FB: Publicly traded
SP: Syndication partners: Warner Bros. Online, RoadRunner, VH1, Studios USA
CNX Media
One Beach St., Suite 300
San Francisco, CA 94133
D: A media content convergence company that produces and distributes original content for television and the Internet.
KE: Robert Dicks, VP of operations; Adam Edell, manager of Internet operations; Jim Finnerty, VP of travel programming; Allan Horlick, president and CEO; Kimerly Montour, executive VP
Founded: 1998
Employees: 40
FB: Baystar Capital, Waterview Partners
SP: HealthCentral.com, Intuit, Quicken.com, Red Fig, Travelocity
Streaming formats: QuickTime, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player

84 Kennedy St.
Hackensack, NJ 07601
D: A global network of live Internet cameras
KE: Brian Cury, founder and CEO
Founded: 1996
Employees: 30
FB: Undisclosed
SP: CNN.com, Discovery.com, ESPN, Intel, MSN, NASCAR, NFL, Ticketmaster City
Search, Weather.com, Yahoo!
Streaming formats: RealPlayer, Windows Media Player
435 Hudson St., 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10014
D: A video application service provider that offers customized streaming video solutions to ISPs, ASPs, Web-hosting companies and vertical portals.
KE: Elan Dekel, president; David Steward, CEO
Founded: June 1999
Employees: 30
FB: America Online, Attractor, Audax Group, Entertainment Media Ventures, Israel Seed Partners, Pario Ventures
SP: America Online, IBM, Intel, PacketVideo, Road Runner
Streaming formats: MPEG-4, QuickTime, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player
900 North Point St., Suite 202
San Francisco, CA 94109
D: A Web video company that powers e-businesses and major Web sites with e-video.
KE: Danielle Knight, senior director of talent and business affairs; Kimberly Knoller, VP of music; Catherine Patterson, VP of production services; David Selig, senior director of sales and business development; Olivier Zitoun, co-founder, president and CEO
Founded: Summer 1999
Employees: 30
FB: Allegis Capital, Deutsche Bank, GIMV, Greenstone Ventures, Mission Ventures, Sonera Corp., Thomson Multimedia
SP: Active Sky, Akamai, Kru6, Sonic Foundry, Vitessa, WindowsMedia.com
Streaming formats: QuickTime, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player
15260 Ventura Blvd., Suite 2000
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
D: FirstLook specializes in providing the latest Hollywood entertainment content to “power” Web sites.
KE: Rand Bleimeister, CEO/founder; Scott Fedewa, senior VP of business development; Justine Lassoff, VP of content/entertainment relations
Founded: 1999
Employees: 50
FB: Idealab!, Cox Communications, Goldman Sachs, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Intel
SP: Microsoft, WindowsMedia.com; IMDb; Los Angeles Times; Chicago Tribune; ScreamingMedia; iSyndicate; Daily Radar
Streaming formats: RealPlayer and Windows Media Player.
FMiTV Networks
3400 Riverside Drive, Penthouse
Burbank, CA 91505
D: Producer and syndicator of original video, audio and print entertainment content. iSuperstations include KIISFMi.com, XTRAi.com, WBLSi.com and Vidnet Broadband Entertainment.
KE: Fenton Eng, executive VP of operations; Shigeru Masuda, founder and co-chairman; Laurence Norjean, co-founder, chairman and CEO; Randall Sherman, executive VP of strategic business development
Founded: 1999
Employees: 50
SP: Buysellbid.com, Citadel Communications, DreamNet, Gear Channel Communications, InfoStreet, Inner City Broadcasting, Intel, Interep, JFN, Rick Dees Weekly Top 40, Secom, Tokyo FM, WebRadio.com, Zeron Group, Ziff Davis Media
Streaming formats: RealPlayer, Windows Media Player
House of Blues Digital
6255 Sunset Blvd., 16th Floor
Hollywood, CA 90028
D: The digital media department for House of Blues is dedicated to the production, capture, promotion and digital distribution of live music content taking place at HOB and other select venues worldwide.
KE: Carolyn Brann, business manager; Stephen Felisan, senior VP of technology and interactive; Philip Fracassi, senior VP of programming and distribution; Angela Garcia, senior marketing manager; Chip Schutzman, director of programming; David Stelzer, director of business affairs; Nick Wild, director of technology
Founded: 1994
Employees: 50
FB: Chase Capital
SP: Cybereps, e-Media, iBEAM, KCRW, Microsoft, Philips, W3PR, Yahoo!
Streaming formats: RealPlayer, Windows Media Player
Honkworm International
210 Third Ave. S, Suite 4A
Seattle, WA 98104
D: Producer of original entertainment for the Web, especially serialized short-format content.
KE: Jeffrey Kramer, president of cross media; Johan Liedgren, founder, chairman and CEO; Dan Pepper, COO
Founded: 1997
Employees: 30
FB: Gibson Greetings
SP: AtomFilms, Excite, Global Media, iStreamTV, RealNetworks, Yahoo!
Entertainment/TV clients: Fox Television, MTV
Streaming formats: Flash, QuickTime, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player
itsy bitsy Entertainment Company
156 Fifth Ave., Suite 500
New York, NY 10010
212 989-3660
D: Daily, live, interactive online programs for children and families
KE: Kenn Viselman, chairman, and Joan Lambur, president of on-screen entertainment
Founded: 1994
Employees: 60
FB: The Dial Corp. consumer products company sponsors two of itsy bitsy’s four webcast programs for parents and caregivers.
SP: Unbound Studios, the critically acclaimed creator of games and animation for Nick.com and Noggin.com, among many other high-profile, interactive Web sites
226 W. 26th St.
New York, NY 10001
D: Live financial news and stock market coverage. JAGfn TV broadcasts live and in real time every business day from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (ET) via streaming video.
Founded: 2000
Employees: 60
KE: Gary Valinoti, CEO; Steve Schoepfer, president and COO; Don Moore, VP, business development
74 Leonard St.
New York, NY 10013
D: An Internet entertainment company that offers four lines of business: record labels, sponsored music festivals, video and audio production facilities/live venues, and new media and content development.
KE: Michael Dorf, chairman and CEO; Allen Fried, COO; Mitch Goldman, chief content officer; Ed Greer, senior VP; Glen Max, programming director
Founded: 1987
FB: Argentum Group, Arts Alliance/Goram, Leslie Linton Entertainment
SP: Amazon.com, America Online, Apple, Bell Atlantic, Jupiter Communications, Heineken, Intel, Launch.com, RealNetworks, Spinner, Texaco, The Village Voice, Yahoo! Music
Streaming formats: QuickTime, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player
Mondo Media
135 Mississippi St., Third Floor
San Francisco, CA 94107
D: An online entertainment distribution network that creates, develops and syndicates animated entertainment properties.
KE: John Evershed, co-founder and CEO; Robin Harper, senior VP of marketing; Douglas Kay, president; David McCoy, VP of advertising sales; Timothy McNally, executive VP and CFO
Founded: 1988
Employees: 89
FB: Foundation Capital, Liam Ventures, Macromedia, Red Rock Ventures, Silicon Valley Bank, Sofinnova Ventures, Soft Bank Venture Capital, Venturepark
SP: AtomShockwave, Excite@Home, GetMusic, IMDb, Lycos, NBCi, Netscape, RealNetworks
Streaming formats: Flash
Studio One Networks
233 Fifth Ave., Fourth Floor
New York, NY 10016
D: An Internet syndication studio that provides original program content for sponsorship by leading major advertisers and syndicates it on leading Internet portals.
KE: Alan Baker, VP of corporate information; Robert Blackmore, chairman; Andrew Susman, founder and president; Dara-Lynn Weiss, executive VP and chief programming officer
Founded: December 1997
Employees: 18
FB: Max-Media II LLC
SP: AOL Time Warner, Children’s Television Workshop Online, CompuServe, Netscape
16 S. Haddon Ave.
Haddonfield, NJ 08033
D: Point-of-sale reviews for online entertainment retailers.
KE: Jed Horovitz, CEO
Founded: 1985
Employees: 9
SP: Microsoft, Yahoo! Broadcast, Level 3, Muze, All Movie Guide
Streaming formats: Windows Media Player, RealPlayer News Sources and programming guides
Category: News sources
Internet Broadcasting Systems
1333 Northland Drive
Mendota Heights, MN 55120
420 Lexington Ave., Suite 300
New York, NY 10170
D: An online network of local Web channels that combines local news and information from major TV stations with a broad range of Web services.
KE: Dave Abbott, CTO; John Culliton, chief convergence of