Product Spotlight: HDK-790E camera

Jul 30, 2001  •  Post A Comment

What it is: A high-definition, multiformat camera made by Ikegami.
Evolution: The HDK-790E, introduced at this year’s National Association of Broadcasters conference, is an upgrade to the company’s line of high-definition digital cameras first unveiled in 1998.
Features and benefits: The “E” version of the camera has been upgraded from 10 bit to 12 bit analog to digital conversion, which means when color signals are converted to digital, the camera is better able to discern finer gradations of color and sharpness, said Mark Wren, manager of sales engineering. The new camera contains an ASIC chip (application-specific integrated circuit) that allows for lower heat, lower power and better performance for digital processing. The new chip set also provides improved color and details in skin tone. In addition, Ikegami added two channels of eight-vector color correction, which allows for increased adjustment of color imagery. The “Super Knee Feature” keeps highlighted color areas vivid rather than washed out.
History: Ikegami has been making HDTV camera systems for more than 10 years and has delivered more than 100 all-digital multiformat HDTV cameras over the past two years. Mr. Wren points out that until November 2000, Ikegami was the only manufacturer to ship all-digital HDTV cameras.
“We were able to do it because of our early exposure in 1998. By getting two to three years, we have resolved concerns over heat, power, reliability,” he said. “High-definition digital cameras are a quantum leap when you go from standard definition to high definition.”
With a high-definition camera, the digital processing operates at 74.25 MHz compared with 18.5 MHz for standard definition. “That would be like going from a computer that was 500 MHz to 2 GHz,” Mr. Wren said.
Shipments: Ikegami has shipped about 10 to 15 cameras since the product was introduced at NAB 2001 and expects to ship about 60 each year. The target market includes broadcast stations and production facilities.
Cost: The new camera costs $145,000. As an upgrade, the cost is $6,700.
Competitors: Sony, Philips, Hitachi.