Quick Takes: Are local stations doing enough enterprise reporting?

Jul 9, 2001  •  Post A Comment

“I think more and more stations are adding enterprise teams to their roster and probably calling them `enterprise’ vs. `investigative,’ because it means that you can have a broader approach to stories … than just expecting to break Firestone all the time.”
John Mussoni, former news director, WTXF-TV (Fox), Philadelphia
“No. I think that television [has] a lack of balance in the number of reporters we have on the street on any given day. One way to [enterprise] with limited resources is to create beats for not all of your reporters but some. It helps them master a smaller universe.”
Patti Dennis, news director, KUSA-TV (NBC), Denver
“You can never do enough enterprise reporting. That’s what sets successful stations apart from the competition. Viewers watch the newscast that’s most plugged into the community, and ratings are the reward for doing a good job.”
Mark Millage, news director, KELO-TV (CBS), Sioux Falls, S.D.