Quick Takes: What do you think of broadcasters’ new digital-only must-carry proposal to cable operators?

Jul 16, 2001  •  Post A Comment

“What amazes me is that broadcasters and cable operators seem to think this is a private negotiation, not a rulemaking [conducted] pursuant to federal law. When they cut a deal, it’s a little late to start thinking about whether they’ve cut the public into it as well.”
Andy Schwartzman, president/CEO, Media Access project
“Cable has its own digital transition plans, and they’re not spelled HDTV. Analog signals on cable will persist for at least a decade, and as long as they do, cable will resist duplicative digital signal proposals, including this one.”
Josh Bernoff, analyst, Forrester Research
“The NAB should not be allowed to cut, in essence, a private deal with the cable industry. Digital must-carry must be part of a larger debate, including open access to cable broadband. The FCC should resist such a sweetheart deal … by the NAB. ”
Jeff Chester, executive director, Center for Digital Democracy