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Jul 30, 2001  •  Post A Comment

Parents not using v-chip
Only about 17 percent of the 40 percent of parents in the United States who now own TV sets equipped with v-chips use the technology to block programming with sexual or violent content, according to a study released last week by the Henry J. Kaiser Foundation. Nonetheless, the study found that 56 percent of parents that have a set equipped with the new technology use the v-chip’s content ratings to make decisions about what to allow their children to watch. In addition, the study found that 53 percent of the parents who own sets equipped with v-chips weren’t aware that the sets included the blocking technology. Kathryn Montgomery, president of the watchdog Center for Media Education, said the study’s findings weren’t that bad. “This stuff takes awhile, especially since the industry hasn’t done a very good job of promoting it,” she said. “It’s my hope that they will do a better job.”
AOL TW signs deal with Qwest
Qwest Communications International and AOL Time Warner have announced multiyear agreements under which Qwest will be a primary provider of high-speed access, dial-up access and other network services to AOL Time Warner. Qwest will also purchase advertising across AOL Time Warner’s portfolio of online, print and television outlets. AOL Time Warner said it will use Qwest’s broadband network to deliver online services to its customers, and America Online has agreed to purchase services that include DSL lines, network transport and other network services in the United States.
CacheVision video venture on deck
Personal-video-recording technology developer CacheVision will announce its official launch in several weeks. CacheVision is a joint venture between Thomson Multimedia and Seagate Technology.
Wink inks deals with Time Warner Cable, HBO
Time Warner Cable’s digital cable service in the West San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles now features interactive television overlays from Wink Communications, the companies announced. Also, HBO is planning to use Wink’s interactive television tools to enhance several HBO shows, including Boxing After Dark, World Championship Boxing and Reverb.
WINfirst announces Intertainer pact
WINfirst, a broadband network planning to launch service in Sacramento, Calif.; San Diego; Austin, Texas; Dallas; Houston; San Antonio; and Seattle, announced that it has selected Intertainer as its video-on-demand service provider.