Profile: Dennis Breckenridge

Aug 27, 2001  •  Post A Comment

Title: Vice president of webcasting technologies at e-StudioLive. The company offers live production solutions for the Internet, intranets and production studios.
Background: Before joining e-StudioLive in May 1998, Mr. Breckenridge managed the production services department at Azusa Pacific University.
The customers: “We have a lot of universities and a lot of training facilities that use [our technology]. That’s a strong marketplace for us. … From a corporation standpoint, there’s the corporate meetings, quarterly meetings, things like the president doing an address to his company or his investors. … We do some work within the entertainment space. The hardest thing with entertainment is the business models behind it are much harder to justify.”
The challenges: “We’re certainly being impacted by corporations halting all IT spending budgets and communications budgets. You don’t necessarily go in and get closure on even a $30,000 piece of capital investment without the large people in the company being addressed into it. I’ve been surprised at some of these companies that a president of a multibillion-dollar company is actually the one signing off. … But as we prove more and more that the technology is there, it’s stable, it’s strong-that helps strengthen our position. So a lot of our concentration is to make sure the work flow and the product needs are as streamlined as possible so we can make it as near real time and as cost-effective as possible.”
The future: “Companies will use [our technology] for their global information pieces but also toward their specific training needs, information needs [and] new employee needs. We’re trying to implement both being able to send them all the relevant information but also be able to track who watched, when they watched, be able to do polls or surveys or questions or testing and feed all that back into a database for the management so they can see who’s watching and what their feelings were and how successful the content really is.”