Profile: Kevin Liga

Aug 13, 2001  •  Post A Comment

Title: Executive vice president and chief technology officer of ACTV and CEO of Digital ADCO.
Background: Before joining ACTV in January 1998, Mr. Liga was vice president of research and development for CAI Wireless Systems and president of CAI Wireless Internet.
About the companies: ACTV is a digital media company that provides technical and creative services, tools and proprietary products for enhanced media, interactive TV advertising and personalized programming applications. Digital ADCO is a joint venture of Motorola, OpenTV and ACTV created for the advancement of ACTV’s targeted advertising application, SpotOn. SpotOn uses multiple digital channels to deliver advertising messages that are tailored to individual household demographics.
Goals: “We all need to buy things, whether we like to or not,” Mr. Liga said. “If I can make it easier and I can give back time to the American consumer in the world we live in today, that’s of high value.”
Product benefits: “You can attract the people who can never advertise on television because it was too broad. Rolls-Royce is the perfect example-they need to know they’re getting in front of the right audience. They pay big dollars to get in front of these people. … And our products allow marketers to see results. Just basic feedback. I put an ad out there-how did it do for me demographically? So you bring in this new accountability, and that reinvigorates the traffic back toward TV. And the networks who have this are going to be differentiated from the networks who don’t.”
The future: “One of the main issues for us is to bring a whole new set of values to television-based advertising. Values that it always wanted but could never achieve, and values that now present themselves because of the new technological capabilities. and things of that nature.”