Quick Takes: What do you think of the same off-net sitcoms airing on both the Fox and Chris-Craft stations?

Aug 13, 2001  •  Post A Comment

“We all wish to maximize our programming efficiency. But the question that yet has to be answered is at what point
do you just cannibalize yourself?”
Renard Maiuri, general manager, KDRV-TV (ABC), Medford, Ore.
“Repurposing is nothing new. Broadcasters with duopolies or LMAs have been doing this for years. If broadcasters are careful with how they do this, they [can] end up with audiences that are larger and unduplicated.”
Harry Pappas, president/CEO, Pappas Telecasting Companies
“I think everyone’s looking for ways to reduce their programming costs, but … is this destroying the value of those programs, or is it making a bigger statement about how hard it is to come up with programming?”
Bob Klingle, VP/general manager, WHAS-TV (ABC), Louisville, Ky.