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Sep 17, 2001  •  Post A Comment

`Small Town X’ winner among lost firefighters
Los Angeles-Among the people missing in the World Trade Center bombing is the winner from Fox reality show “Murder in Small Town X.” Firefighter and $250,000 winner Angel Juarbe has been confirmed as having been part of the first unit to respond to the tragedy.
George Verschoor, Bob Fisher and Gordon Cassidy, producers of the show, posted a message on Sept. 12 saying: “We appreciate and are touched by the many posts expressing your concern for Angel in the wake of the events in New York. Please know that your thoughts and concerns have not gone unappreciated by all of us here at Fox and by Angel’s family. As of 11 a.m. PDT, we confirmed that Angel is one of the many firefighters still missing. That is as much as we-or anyone-know at this time. As you’ve seen on television, rescue operations are continuing. As information becomes available, we will let everyone here on the board know more. Until then, we know you join us in sending our prayers and best wishes to Angel and his family.”
N.S. Bienstock founder Leibner dead at 92
New York-Sol Leibner, founder of N.S. Bienstock, the agency that represents many of the biggest television journalists, died Sept. 12, in Long Beach, N.Y. He was 92.
Mr. Leibner, who was known as “Tin Pan Alley’s favorite CPA” in the `50s and who also was a financial manager and confidant to such luminaries as John Steinbeck, formed N.S. Bienstock in 1965. His son and daughter-in-law, Richard Leibner and Carole Cooper, own and run the agency today. A graveside service was set for Sunday.