Irdeto Access

Sep 10, 2001  •  Post A Comment

About the company: Irdeto Access designs, develops and markets end-to-end solutions to manage and protect content from unauthorized access in the television broadcast and Internet environments. The company is a subsidiary of international subscriber platform and software solutions group MIH Ltd.
How the company stands out: “Our philosophy is to protect content-from conception to the consumer,” said G.L. Wright, senior vice president and general manager of Irdeto Access. “We believe we can do that better than anybody else. What sets us apart is we have a tradition of technological innovation and we’re committed to excellence in our engineering.”
Latest projects: “We are currently involved in a deployment that is one of the world’s largest ethnic programmers,” Mr. Wright said. “We also were involved in the first digital cinema trial. We feel that we’re helping to set the standard in that area. We also have a worldwide deployment with some news groups-with respect to the IP area-for news, data and financial services that’s being secured with our technology.”
Key benefits to broadcast companies: “We can offer end-to-end security through any network, whether it be through firewalls or routers and so forth,” Mr. Wright said. “We’re also very flexible. We’re modular, and we have scalable systems. We can scale up to the customer’s needs. We can start off at a very small system, and we can go into larger deployments around the world.”
The future: “We believe content is king and that it’s worth protecting,” Mr. Wright said. “Because of the content, security will continue to increase in importance. As you start to see the movement of analog technologies to digital technologies and going onto IP technologies, we believe we’re positioned very well to support and assist our customers and the industry in providing conditional access solutions that help them generate revenue. That’s what we’re in business for-to help our customers be successful in the future.”