Net Briefs

Sep 10, 2001  •  Post A Comment

ReplayTV stirs up broadband tonic
SONICblue’s ReplayTV has launched a new line of personal video recorders, the Replay TV 4000 series. The devices are capable of storing video received over a broadband connection, according to SONICblue. The units also offer “video sharing,” the PVR analogue to the e-mail communication abilities available to Internet users. Retail prices for the consoles range between $699 and $1,999. CacheVision, one of ReplayTV’s competitors, is also considering creating a new line of PVRs that would combine video recording capacity with the ability to deliver broadband content.
CableLabs’ standard due by year-end
CableLabs, a cable industry research and development organization, will complete its DOCSIS 2.0 next-generation cable modem standard by year-end, according to CableLabs spokesman Mike Schwartz. The standard will enable customers to send data from the home to the cable headend at 30 megabits per second-three times higher than the data speed enabled by the forthcoming standard’s predecessor, DOCSIS 1.1, said Rouzbeh Yassini, an executive consultant to CableLabs. DOCSIS 1.1 was finalized in 1999.
Microsoft, Chyron introduce ITV tool
Microsoft and Chyron have introduced Chyron Metaplayer, a tool designed to help television broadcasters tailor programs’ interactive enhancements for particular market segments without remaking the entire video, said Bill Hendler, VP of Chyron’s interactive division. Metaplayer allows broadcasters to manage their interactive data insertions via the Simple Object Access Protocol standard, which is emerging as a transport standard.