Quick Takes

Sep 10, 2001  •  Post A Comment

“All of our editors grew up [on] linear systems, and … none of them would ever want to go back to the old system. [Avid has] really elevated their work to another level. It’s not if other stations will go this way, it’s when. It’s the only answer for the future of editing.”
Ron Strah, news operations manager, WKYC-TV (NBC), Cleveland
“Some of the [local stations] are easing into it. Others are kind of going whole hog into it … changing buildings or making group changes. It’s an expensive process, but in the long run it’s probably a money-saving process. It’s going to come along slowly.”
Michael Murrie, professor, communication, Pepperdine Univ.
“We’re using [EditStar] software on Tektronix Profiles. There were some issues in dubbing initially, but I think we’ve got those worked out. I would probably have a much better idea after about a year … but so far they’re doing very well.”
Mark Guranik, acting chief engineer, KVBC-TV (NBC), Las Vegas