Quick Takes: Did you have a network or station of choice for coverage of the Sept. 11 terrorist attack?

Sep 17, 2001  •  Post A Comment

“I don’t have a station or network of choice. … The coverage was overall compelling. These are the moments when TV news is at its best, when it’s providing pictures on the run. There was no time to think [Tuesday], there was only time to provide. ”
Mark Dawidziak, TV critic, Cleveland Plain Dealer
“I thought [CBS’s] Dan Rather did the best job in terms of sheer eloquence. They really all did a fantastic job. The one thing I did notice is that … the BBC showed the pictures of people’s bodies falling, which I did not see on any of the American networks.”
Bob Laurence, TV critic, San Diego Union-Tribune
“I thought Peter Jennings [on ABC] was the voice of calm and reason. CNN had a coup for a little bit with the Afghanistan coverage, [and] I watched a little of the Fox News Channel. [But] throughout the day, if I wanted to gain perspective … I turned to ABC.”
David Kronke, TV critic, Los Angeles Daily News